Undergraduate second years

The focus of this year should be on planning your journey and starting to address any areas for skills development. The best way to do this is to consider a placement year or work based learning opportunity. The popular placement schemes open in September and sometimes even during the summer holidays before the first semester of the second year, so you may need to work on this during the summer holidays. The Careers & Employability Hub is open right throughout the summer break, so keep in touch with us and we can help you to compete for these often highly sought after opportunities. Don’t worry if you aren’t ready at the start of the first semester, or don’t get an offer straight away. Placement vacancies do get advertised right into the Spring, just keep in touch with us and ask us for some feedback on what you are doing and how you are approaching things.    

 Plan your journey by...

  • Going online with Careers Navigator and our web pages and researching the placement options with your subject
  • Booking an appointment with a Careers Adviser to start to plan the specific steps you'll need to take to get in to your chosen career. Get advice about the time frames involved so that your plans are manageable and you don’t miss important opportunities and deadlines. Don’t worry if you have no idea what you want to do – you won’t be the only one – we can help you to decide and suggest the steps that you need to take to get the job that you want
  • Staying in touch by following us on Twitter and Facebook
  • Creating a CV and getting it checked by one of our advisers in the Careers & Employability Hub. Career Navigator has loads of examples and formats for CVs and our Accelerate workshops are interactive so you'll be able to ask questions and look at example CVs
  • Registering with our graduate recruitment agency in the Job Shop so that you can get information about graduate vacancies. (Facebook - PlymouthUniGraduates)
  • Starting to apply for undergraduate opportunities.

To expand your employability skills we recommend that you…

Student voice

“I chose to engage in as many opportunities the University had to offer in order to broaden my skillset and build my CV. All these activities helped me to obtain the Plymouth Award and secure work experience in my field (law). These opportunities ultimately helped me stand out when it came to securing a Training Contract.

I would definitely recommend engaging with the Careers & Employability team and service – regardless of how much experience you think you have, there is always something else you can learn, someone new you can meet. The service offers you these opportunities to grow professionally and personally.”

Christa Feltham, LLM LPC Legal Practice and LLB (Hons) Law