Student Employee of the Year Awards

Be part of the UK's largest student awards

Organised by NASES (National Association of Student Employment Services), the Student Employee of the Year Awards (SEOTY) recognise and promote the outstanding contributions and achievements of students who effectively combine part-time work (20 hours or less) with their study commitments. In addition the award also recognises student employers, as you can't have amazing student employees without fantastic student employers.

The University of Plymouth is proud to be a member of NASES and welcomes nominations for our students in the SEOTY awards.

Nominations for the 2019 awards are now closed.

Nominations are encouraged from all student employers, both on and off campus. Students can really add something to a business and the growth of SEOTY shows that employers understand this. A SEOTY award can also boost a student's CV and give them the all-important edge they need to succeed.

Speak to your employer about the award and get the recognition you deserve.

Nominations are now closed. The next round of nominations will be in spring 2020.

Award categories

Above and Beyond

This award recognises an outstanding student making a huge impact working in your organisation going above and beyond on a regular basis. Tell us why you think this student is an exceptional employee. Suggested areas of excellence: communication, commitment, teamwork, innovation, creativity etc.

Step up to Leadership

This award recognises students who have demonstrated leadership skills taking responsibility for projects or departments etc. Perhaps they have been working in your business for a while and have been promoted or they supervise other staff, provide training, taking initiative and displaying accountability and creative thinking to lead the business. Tell us why you think this student has excelled in demonstrating their leadership skills this year etc.


This is a new award for 2019 which recognises students with entrepreneurial spirit. Tell us why you think this student should be nominated for their freelance work.

Commercial Impact Award

This award recognises a student who has made a big commercial impact to your business or organisation. This student will have increased profit, generated new business, developed an enterprising idea, spotted new opportunities, engaged with new audiences or introduced a money saving scheme. Tell us how and why this student has had a commercial impact on your department, organisation or business etc. leadership skills this year etc.

Best Team

This is a new award for 2019! This award recognises a group of students who have shown excellent team working and communication skills to come together for a shared project.

Students can also nominate their employer as the Student Employer of the Year!

This award recognises excellent student employers who provide students with opportunities to learn and excel in the work place and who build links with education in order to support the next generation of workers.

Above and Beyond on Campus
Chelsie Ross

Above and Beyond off Campus
Lucy Jarrett

Step up to Leadership on Campus
Hannah Delmas

Step up to Leadership off Campus
Katie Dye

Commercial Impact off Campus
Isabella Francis

Mental Health PALS Leader Team

Karen Rowe

Learn more about our previous winners

How does it feel to be nominated?

"When I found out I was nominated for a Student Employee of the Year Award, I was overwhelmed and honoured that my hard work was being recognised, especially when there are thousands of students who work part-time across the city. The fact is, if you put the effort in and demonstrate that you can go above and beyond what is expected of you, there is an opportunity for you to be nominated! With whatever skills or interests you have, I recommend talking to Student Jobs in the Careers Service as they have professionals who are extremely helpful in helping you find whatever kind of part-time job you like, either inside or outside of the University, to fit your needs and enhance your experience here at Plymouth."

Jonathan Keung
MSc Digital and Social Media Marketing 

Commercial Impact Award winner 2017

How did it feel to be nominated for a SEOTY Award?
I was in complete shock when I found out that I was nominated for a Student Employee of the Year Award. It was just so nice to receive recognition for giving 110 per cent at work, as well as balancing my uni commitments.

How have you found working part time alongside your studies?
I have worked part time throughout my degree so I couldn’t really imagine not doing it now! It has been tough at times but organising yourself properly and having a routine makes it a lot easier.

What employability skills have you developed whilst working part-time?
The ability to manage and prioritise my workload has been the most important skill I have developed. This is something I think will be really important for once I leave the University of Plymouth.
Valerie Stephens, BSc (Hons) Business Management

One of our students was a national winner in 2016!

University of Plymouth student Molly Humphreys was presented with the national Student Temp Excellence Award at the 2016 Student Employee of the Year Awards ceremony in Birmingham.

Psychology student Molly won for her outstanding work on a number of projects, including boosting social media presence.

Find out how Molly balanced her studies and part-time work