Tamar Engineering Project: employer mentoring

The Tamar Engineering Project mentoring programme offers the scholars the opportunity to meet with an experienced professional relevant to the student's career aspirations, who will mentor them throughout their degree.

The programme is organised by the Careers Service, to promote diversity in the workplace and to raise career aspirations and achievement.

How will I benefit from the employer mentoring?

Employer mentoring will give you the opportunity to:

  • receive advice on and clarify your career ideas
  • increase your understanding of your mentor’s job role 
  • increase your commercial awareness 
  • develop and improve your employability skills
  • develop your professional network
  • gain an insight into your chosen career area
  • have your questions about diversity in the workplace addressed honestly and confidentially.

What will it involve?

The employer mentoring takes place from October in your first year on your graduate degree until April of the year you graduate. Once enrolled in the programme, you will be required to:

  • attend all training sessions
  • commit to a minimum of six meetings each year of your degree, these are flexible, and are arranged around the mentor’s and mentee’s schedule. Meetings last for one hour and can be conducted face to face or via email, phone, Skype etc. 
  • be proactive in arranging meetings, as well as preparing for the meetings
  • complete a meetings feedback sheet following each meeting so we are able to follow your progress
  • attend the employer mentoring celebration event which concludes the programme in April of the year you graduate. This event brings students and mentors together to celebrate achievements and share experiences and feedback.

Case studies

"Having a mentor within the industry has been extremely helpful in many ways: I have a clearer understanding of how the industry works; what routes I can take after finishing university; and an understanding of the differences in the various jobs I can do. My mentor has provided me with support in my CV, cover letters and how to come across well in interviews; all of which have given me much more confidence when applying for placements. My mentor has also offered me the opportunity of a summer placement with his company, Dawnus, which will look great on my CV and help me even further to get an understanding of what the job entails." 

Lisa Jacob

Civil engineering

"The University puts on an excellent induction process to introduce the mentors to the process of becoming a mentor in the programme... It is a well-managed process with monthly meetings, follow-up notes and commentary with definite start and stop dates… My involvement was to bring some simple ideas around life planning. We looked at any number of the many options Brian had in front of him and mapped out the various decision points based on outcomes. Brian was able to focus on the key immediate areas, like finishing his projects, whilst keeping in mind and taking a longer term view of where Brian wanted to be in two, five and ten years. It was a fantastic experience and one I am looking forward to repeat next year." 

Michael LeGoff
CEO Plessey

"I enjoy being part of the engineering community in the South West and the relatively small investment of an hour a month seemed to be worth exploring if it could genuinely make a difference to someone… I have gained exposure to a modern day engineering student, their thinking, their challenges and their aspirations. This has been helpful from my point of view in understanding the nature and needs of the students coming into our business. I have also valued the discipline of taking a student though a relatively robust set of interactions with a view to assisting them take their own decisions and take control of their career."  

Nick Ames
Director, SC Group Ltd.

"Through the mentoring I have received, I gained a lot more than I thought I would. I gained greater confidence in myself and what I can actually do with what skills I have. My mentor, Nick, had really encouraged me to be more open in myself and my abilities. Nick also gave me the chance to see how a company worked behind the scenes and to see how hands on it really is, and this only furthered my passion for wanting to get into engineering… Nick has helped me a lot more than I ever imagined in the first place, and I couldn’t thank both him and the mentoring scheme enough."

Benjamin Bush

Mechanical engineering