Jack Gill

Jack talks about his experience mentoring at Plymouth

"From the first time I met with the programme staff it was clear to me that this was a professional initiative that had a lot to offer mentors and mentees alike. My mentee was soon to be graduating, and was looking to decide between going into traditional employment and starting his own company. This gave me the opportunity to take all the experience I’ve gained in the past year and use it to inform our discussion, covering topics like company registration, client acquisition and communication, marketing strategy, and business networking. Not only was this highly relevant to my mentee, helping him to choose what direction to take, it also gave me a chance to go over my recent experiences and cement the lessons they had taught me. 

Without a doubt the aspect that I enjoyed the most was the process by which myself and my mentee decided on what topics were most relevant. Through the gradual understanding of the factors involved in his current situation and the extent of my experience, my mentee was able to choose how he felt our time was best spent. Instead of dictating this myself, I was tasked with giving my mentee the tools to make those decisions himself, and this is an incredibly interesting challenge that I look forward to learning more about."