Creative CV Competition

How do I enter?

Entries into the Creative CV Competition can be submitted in two ways, either:

Please note: the format in which you submit your creative CV will be the format in which it will be judged in – digitally emailed PDF entries will be viewed on a PC and not printed. See below for further terms and conditions. 

Closing date: Noon on Friday 21 February 2020.

Shortlisted entries 2020

The Creative CV Competition, supported by Santander Universities, provides students with the opportunity to showcase their skills through designing a unique, imaginative CV that is tailored towards their chosen industry. Whether you are a budding graphic designer, film-maker, designer-maker, fine artist, illustrator, wordsmith or any other creative professional, this competition is perfect for you.

Being able to showcase your innovative skills through your CV is essential for any creative professional whether you are looking for a job within the creative industries or you are planning to work freelance after graduation.

1st place = £300 | 2nd place = £100 | 3rd place = £50

If you need help or advice with creative CVs, please visit myCareer and select the Career Navigator tab, download our Creative CV Guide or pop into the Careers Service

How will my creative CV be judged?

Your creative CV will be judged by a panel of industry experts and academics on the following criteria:

Creativity – Have you showcased your creative skills through design? Is your CV innovative and does it stand out from the crowd?

Presentation – Will it be easy for a busy employer to quickly read your CV? Are there any spelling or grammatical errors? Is the medium appropriate for your chosen industry?

Content – Have you evidenced your skills, experience and attributes relevant to your chosen industry? Is it easy for the employer to find your contact details? Is it interesting to read?

Examples of Creative CV Competition winners

Rachel Simpson | BA (Hons) Illustration

1st place

Judges comments:

'Rachel's CV really showcased her creative skills through design. A good balance of content, which provided enough detail but left the reader wanting to find out more. Well done!' 

'Her experiences are expressed very well using illustrations. The layout is clear and the skills are easy to find'.

Annabelle Hodd | BA (Hons) Architecture

2nd place

Judges comments:

'A great, challenging design that is very creative.'

'What a tactile adventure! Your skills in design and concept development are certainly evident with consistently good spelling and grammar'

Annabelle was also the winner of the 'People's Choice Award'.

Alice Combe | BA (Hons) Illustration

3rd place

Judges comments:

'I love the design and it provides space for all the information needed.' 

'This is an incredible design and really showcases your illustration skills.'

'Good examples of skills, qualifications and work experience.'

Iona DeSouza | BA (Hons) Illustration

1st Place

Judges comments:

'A very eye catching and clearly creative CV with a suprising amount of information given its size. It is beautifully designed and illustrated with great attention to detail and the fold-out design offers another dimension to the CV. Fantastic work!'

Yuan Zhu | BA (Hons) Media Arts 

2nd Place

Judges comments:

'A great creative video CV with both clear and relevant information making it effective. It provided a good level of work experience evidence tailored to a chosen industry. The message is quick and succinct, leaving a positive first impression. Well done!' 

Nikola Wolkova

'People's Choice' Award winner 2018

'It was a fantastic experience to take part in the Creative CV Competition. It challenged me to get the most out of my CV both functionally and aesthetically. The Careers & Employability team provided very useful feedback on my entry, which helped to improve it further. It was great to see the CVs displayed at the Arts & Humanities Networking Evening where I was able to speak with other competition entrants and potential employers'