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We provide a selection of online self-help resources for University of Plymouth students via the Student Portal to support your emotional, physical, social and financial wellbeing. Online self-help resources offer you easy and immediate access to information and support tools, they can be accessed anytime from anywhere making it easy for you to seek information whenever you need it. 

Our online resources cover

Emotional and mental health
Information to help you maintain or improve your overall emotional and mental wellbeing, including topics about confidence, self-esteem and resilience, anxiety, depression and mindfulness. 
Physical health
Find out more about topics such as healthy eating, where to exercise, sexual health, sexual violence, alcohol and drug addiction. 
Social health
Information about social groups and societies, volunteering, support for carers and what to do if you’re feeling homesick or lonely. 
Financial wellbeing
Covering topics from money worries and the cost of living to domestic abuse and caring responsibilities. 

Access our online resources via the Student Portal (log in required).

Immediate help

Do you need to speak with someone urgently because you're concerned about your own or someone else’s immediate wellbeing or safety?
If there is an immediate emergency requiring ambulance, police or fire services, dial 999.
Visit our wellbeing help page for more immediate help options.

Further information and support

If you need any additional information or are unsure where to go, please contact the Student Hub to find out what support is available.
If you are studying with one of our partners, you should speak to a member of staff at your partner institution or college. 
Student Hub