Mental health support - is this service for me?

Who is the service for? 

As part of the wider Student Wellbeing Services, we will work with you to enable you to find the most appropriate support both inside and outside of the University. If you are already linked in with local services, we can still support you in accessing services within the University.

If you are experiencing severe and long term mental health difficulties, are having a mental health crisis, or you feel your mental health is having a negative impact on university life, come and talk to us. 

We can also support you if you have any previous mental health diagnosis. We will complete an assessment, possibly offer advice, signposting and referrals to other services.

  • Deliberate actions to inflict harm on yourself resulting in injuries that need medical attention
  • Loss of reality
  • Having very unusual beliefs
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Having plans for suicide, suicidal thoughts or previous suicide attempts
  • Confused or disturbed thoughts that may not make sense to you or others
  • Major changes in mood
  • Feeling out of control
  • Risky and impulsive behaviour that could cause you harm
  • Seeing or hearing things that other people do not.



Togetherall is a safe, online, peer-to-peer community where people support each other anonymously to improve mental health and wellbeing. Togetherall is designed to help you take control of your mental health and start to feel better. You will have access to a 24/7 online community and professional support from trained counsellors. Togetherall provides a safe space online to get things off your chest, explore your feelings, get creative and learn how to self-manage your mental health and wellbeing.

Togetherall is free and totally anonymous, so no one will know you’ve chosen to use it unless you tell them!

Find out more about Togetherall

Fika – look after your own emotions and stay well

Find out how to download Fika, a mental health improvement platform, to help positively impact wellbeing and performance. 

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Emergency contact numbers 

If you are concerned about the immediate safety of yourself or others call 999.

  • Out of hours you can contact the First Response Support Line on 0800 923 9323.

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