Mathew Cartwright

PALS Leader in BA Business

I applied to become a PALS Leader as I wanted to gain experience of working with other students from a range of backgrounds to facilitate sessions for students, by students, as this was the first year, it was introduced onto the BA Business course. By being one of the first PALS Leaders, it allowed myself and colleagues the opportunity to develop PALS for the course, enhancing the experience for 1st-year students.

PALS has given me the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills throughout the entire experience. From the initial training sessions, I had learned about all the individual departments throughout the university, on not only where to signpost students but to also effectively feedback from students to develop the course for current and prospective students. I have also gained the confidence to speak to large groups of students with the ability to handle the situation and effectively support them with my knowledge acquired in the PALS training sessions.

PALS has given me so many opportunities throughout the faculty and developed relationships with members on different stages of my course, academic support staff, and the PALS team. These relationships have proved to be paramount in my studies, and with undertaking my next step into industry upon graduation. Employers are keen to hear about the PALS program due to the individual leadership, responsibility and teamwork skills gained throughout the entire academic year. As I plan to work with a large consultancy firm, the skills throughout PALS will play an important part in this role. Many employers are keen to see how potential applicants work in an environment where you take the initiative and are responsible for your outcomes, remarkably similar to that of the PALS style.