Chris Mack

PALS Leader in MPsych Advanced Psychology 

I enjoy helping others and imparting my experiences and knowledge to others to help them through their career as a student. I enjoy teaching, I feel a great sense of satisfaction and achievement when people leave after a session feeling more confident in something, whether that be academic or non-academic

I wanted to gain more experience as a leader and I wanted to meet new people and work with people on my course. Psychology is a very popular subject and I didn’t feel that I knew that many people. I appreciated the work that my PALS leaders did for me and I wanted to carry that on to others.

I gained more friends and developed my reflective skills; sitting in debriefs, understanding what I have done, what was successful and what was not, but most importantly listening to other people’s experience and learning off what they did in their sessions. Sort of like a PALS session for PALS leaders, learning from other people’s experience. More experiences included presenting to all of the psychology students and new international students.

As far as my future is concerned it has made me realise how much I enjoy teaching and helping others. It has inspired me to eventually pursue a job/career in learning and development. I will use the skills I gained as a leader in my future career. A lot of the job applications I am doing require ‘generic’ skills and experiences that as a PALS leader I have achieved, such as demonstrate a time where you worked as a team, communications skills, leadership skills, organisational skills etc.