Amelia Welch

PALS Leader in BSc Marine Biology

I wanted to be a PALS leader firstly because I really gained from the scheme in my first year and wanted to offer the support that I had received. I have gained confidence in being able to plan and hold sessions. Within the sessions it was really rewarding being able to give advice and support to the first years, and it allowed me to talk to and make friends with peers in different cohorts and years. It has encouraged me to think about learning more creatively, and reflect on my personal learning strategies. Being able to discuss ideas with the first years has allowed me to broadened my own knowledge and think of innovative approaches.

Through PALS I also carried out some research and presented my poster at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research, which again was an invaluable experience. The PALS team, Carolyn and Beau, were very supportive and guided me through the process.

The skills I have gained will definitely benefit me in future studies and employment. I plan on undertaking a post graduate degree, and I feel the initiative, organisational and learning skills PALS has given me will be especially valuable. I have been able to work with my peers to come up with solutions, which has allowed me to gain critical thinking skills. As well as this I now feel that I can confidently talk and present to a group of people, a task that was very daunting before becoming a PALS leader.