General SpLD/dyslexia information

You may find the following books interesting and helpful:

  • That’s the Way I Think: dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and dyscalculia explained (2nd Edition) - David Grant.
  • How Dyslexics Learn: Grasping the Nettle - Kate Saunders and Annie White.
  • Making Dyslexia Work for You - Vicki Goodwin and Bonita Thomson.
  • How to Succeed with Specific Learning Difficulties at College and University: A Guide for Students, Educators and Parents - Amanda Kirby.
  • Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia - Sandra Hargreaves and Jamie Crabb.
  • The Study Skills Handbook - Stella Cottrell.
  • Adult Dyslexia: A Guide for the Workplace - Gary Fitzgibbon and Brian O’Connor.
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