Workshops, groups, support sessions and events

Personal development and group-work sessions

Our personal development and group work programme include:

  • managing stress and anxiety
  • women's and male discussion groups
  • mindfulness training
  • mood boost
  • look after your mate
  • quieten the mind and relax the body
  • make new friends at the global buddies group

There is no need to book for the personal development sessions, please just turn up. Booking however, is essential for group work sessions.

Find out further details about specific session topics, including dates and times and who to contact:

Sign up to the Medical Centre

Don't get caught out! We can help you sign up and register to your local Medical Centre. 

Come and drop-in from 10:00–15:00, 3 Portland Mews

Need help filling in your Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs) application form?

Having trouble with your DSA application form? We are here to help (we may also be able to help with other forms so please give us a try!)

Come to our drop in between 14:00–16:00 every day in the Learning Gateway, no appointment needed just ask for Gillian.

Free laptop security marking for all staff and students

Why? Student properties are often more likely to be victim to opportunist burglaries and laptops are often the item of choice stolen at these burglaries. Get your laptop security marked before it's too late!

Come along to 3 Portland Mews between 10:00–16:00, Monday to Friday so we can get you started:

Please feel free to drop-in, no appointment is needed.

Free Dyslexia Screening (LADS)

If you want to explore the possibility of being dyslexic, you are very welcome to come for a free computerised screening. The result of the screening, together with a completed checklist, can then be looked at by a Disability Advisor. They will let you know by email whether there is a reasonable possibility you are dyslexic or not.

Screenings cannot diagnose but they are a useful first step and may help you decide whether to arrange a full assessment – no appointment needed, just come to 3 Portland Mews.

Dyslexia drop-in

The Dyslexia drop-in is a confidential space to talk with us about any aspect of dyslexia or other learning differences. Discussion issues may include:

  • you think you may have a learning difference
  • you are interested in a dyslexia screening and/or assessment
  • you want to discuss a recent screening result or diagnosis
  • you have questions regarding funding and support
  • you want to query or change an aspect of your dyslexia support
  • you look for solutions for study issues.

Thursdays (term time only)

12:00–12:45 in The Learning Gateway, Roland Levinsky Building.

No appointment needed.

We look forward to seeing you!

Sexual offences support and advice drop-in

Confidential support and advice for staff and students staffed by Sexual Offences Liaison Officer Anni Parr.

If you would like to discuss informally anything regarding sexual assault we have an advice drop in, this is done in confidence unless you request otherwise.

Please feel free to drop-in, no appointment is needed.

The Learning Gateway Roland Levinsky Building room 011


Sessions for 2017/2018

  • 23 November 2017
  • 8 January 2018
  • 5 February 2018
  • 26 March 2018
  • 30 April 2018

If you feel you need to talk to somebody as a matter of urgency please contact the Anytime Advice and Mental Health Support line on +44 (0)800 042 0134 or visit the Learning Gateway, 011 Roland Levinsky building.

You can also contact Sexual Offences Liason Officer Anni Parr on

Reading Skills

Learn how to make your reading more effective. This session includes holistic strategies for approaching reading tasks, finding priority information and annotating effectively.

21 February 2018, 15.00-16.30. 8 Kirkby Place Room 001

Assistive Software & Technology

Get to know the supportive software available on the campus computers; learn strategies of how to integrate highly effective, freely available technology into your learning tasks.

14 February 2018, 15.00-16.30. Babbage 018

Weekly revision and exam preparation workshops

Improve your revision and exam preparation skills within a relaxed environment. The workshop will support you in learning a more structured, energy-efficient and multi-sensory approach to revision. You will also practice how to prepare effectively for different types of exams, how to optimise the exam time available and decode exam questions correctly, and how to approach essay questions to maximise your marks.

The workshop is open to all students. Please note that the workshops have to be booked. However, you can bring your friends with you on the day.

Thursdays 17:00–18:30

3 Portland Mews

Dates for semester 2 to be confirmed

How to book?

You can book one or more of these sessions:

By emailing Kassandra Clemens or by emailing or by making a booking in the Learning Gateway in person or by phone on +44 1752 587676.

If you would like to attend but cannot make the day or time, please get in touch!

Classes to Improve Your Academic Skills Within a Dyslexia-Friendly Environment

When and where are the classes held?

Wednesdays, 15:00–16:30

Location: Room 002, Babbage Building

How do the classes work?

The weekly 90-minute sessions are open to any student who wants to improve their study skills within a multi-sensory, relaxed, supportive and flexible environment. The session programme has been designed to support you through the academic semester. Student feedback shows the classes are enjoyable and effective.

What topics are available in 2017/18 Semester 1?

Download full details of the topics available (docx).
Do I need to book in advance?

Ideally, we would like you to book the classes you want to attend. However, you are also welcome to join us on the day.

or book in person in the Learning Gateway.

Study Skills for Higher Education: Group sessions to improve your academic skills and knowledge (Dyslexia-friendly)

The term-time weekly 90-minute sessions are open to any student who wants to improve his or her study skills within a multi-sensory, relaxed, supportive and flexible environment. The session programme has been designed to support you through the academic semester. Feedback reflects that the classes are enjoyable and effective, and build confidence.

The unique angle of our sessions is the correlation between awareness of how the brain organises learning and effectiveness of study behaviours. The second is the link between understanding energy flow and study outcomes.

Download full details of all the sessions available (pdf).

To book sessions, email or book in person in the Learning Gateway.

Time Management and Organisation Skills

Learn practical strategies which enable you to be more organised and efficient with your time management. Learn how to look after your wellbeing while studying effectively at HE level.

7 February 2018, 15.00-16.30. Babbage 018

Writing Skills Part 1: Planning & creating useful notes

Learn more effective ways of interpreting assignment tasks, making effective assignment plans and creating useful notes.

28 February 2018, 15.00-16.30. BGB 409

Writing Skills Part 2: Structuring, analysing and critical writing

Learn how to develop highly effective ways to structure your assignments for strong analytical and critical content.

7 March 2018, 15.00-16.30. Rolle 213

Improve your Writing Skills Part 3: Proofreading, grammar, referencing and plagiarism

Develop your skills in writing clear and meaningful sentences and paragraphs; learn how to reference accurately and effectively.

14 March 2018, 15.00-16.30. Rolle 214

Presentation Skills

Develop practical ways to create and communicate your presentations.

21 March 2018, 15.00-16.30. Babbage 409

Revision Skills & Exam Skills

Learn structured, holistic and multi-sensory approaches to tackling revision and preparing for different types of exams. Learn how to optimise the exam time, decode exam questions, practice timed answers and make the most of examination strategies.

28 March 2018, 15.00-16.30. Babbage 409