Mental health support - is this service for me?

Who is the service for?

We encourage you to come and speak to us if you have previous mental health diagnosis or have started to experience symptoms that are severely impacting on your ability to engage in University life.

We are part of Student Wellbeing Services and can offer advice, assessment and referral if you are currently struggling with mental health issues that are more complex in nature. 

The role of the mental health worker

We will work with you to enable you to find the most appropriate support both inside and outside of the University. If you are already linked in with local services we can still support you in accessing University services.

If you are experiencing severe and long term mental health difficulties or having a mental health crisis come and talk to us. We can also support you if you have previous mental health diagnosis such as:

Come and have a chat if you are worried about any of the the following:

  • deliberate actions to inflict harm on yourself resulting in injuries that need medical attention
  • loss of reality
  • having very unusual beliefs
  • rapid weight loss
  • having plans for suicide or previous suicide attempts
  • confused or disturbed thoughts that may not make sense to you or others
  • major changes in mood
  • feeling out of control
  • impulsive behaviour that causes you harm
  • seeing or hearing things that other people don’t.