Student support documents

What is the purpose of an SSD?

An SSD will disclose the student's name, course information and details about their disclosed disability or condition as well as their recommended modified assessment provision (MAPs).

Each student who has an SSD has completed a disclosure which allows this information to be shared with all University staff who have a need to know. This can include all academic teaching staff as well as administrative staff who have contact with that student.

Have a look at our flowchart which explains the process of getting an SSD.

What would you need to provide to Disability Services if you require exam provision arrangements

Do you require exam provision arrangements?

If you require exam provision arrangements, you need to provide Disability Services with the following documents:

  • For students with a medical condition, we will need medical evidence explaining and/or confirming your condition.
  • For students with Specific Learning Difficulties i.e. dyslexia, dyspraxia we will need a full diagnosis report (ideally post-16).
We will accept one from 14 year olds for exam provision purpose only (*). In this case we will need a letter or document from your school or college indicating that you have had examination provisions from the age of 14 upwards because of an SpLD (dyslexia / dyspraxia etc). Reference to a diagnosis must be made on this document and it will be checked by the Disability Service team if it is sufficient evidence.

If you would like to find out about how to be assessed for dyslexia you can find an information on local SpLD assessors form the Learning Gateway. If you are unsure on whether or not you should have this assessment done, you can fill in our dyslexia checklist form (copies available from the Learning Gateway). You can also do the online screening test and if required, you can book to see one of our SpLD Disability Advisors or pop into our drop in sessions on Thursdays from 12-1pm, to discuss the results of your tests.

  • For students with ADHD/ ADD we need a post-16 diagnosis report. If you don’t have one, please book an appointment with a SpLD Disability Advisor.
  • For students with ASD, we need a copy of your medical evidence.

(*) if you are applying for the Disabled Student Allowance you are required to provide a post-16 SpLD diagnosis report.

Who produces SSDs?

An SSD is produced at Disability Services following assessment and consultation with a student, and is then sent to a nominated central point within each faculty for distribution. Please contact your faculty office for further details.