General Autistic Spectrum Condition information

How to arrange a private Autistic Spectrum Disorder assessment

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a medical diagnosis and requires an assessment by a psychiatrist. The best route is to ask your GP to refer you to a psychiatrist who assesses ASD, although some private psychiatrists may accept a self-referral. 

It is difficult in Plymouth to have an assessment on the NHS. There is an assessment centre in Exeter for those people who fall under Devon NHS but the waiting list can be very long.

It may be that you decide to go privately. Below are contact details of private psychiatrists who assess for ASD. The cost starts at around £300 and you should check this before attending any appointment. If you are a student at the Univeristy of Plymouth and have any questions at all, you are welcome to make an appointment with a Disability Advisor. This can be done at the Learning Gateway.

You may find the following books interesting and helpful

‘Social Intelligence - A Practical Guide to Social Intelligence’ by Jonny Bell

This is a short book about what social intelligence is (‘people skills’ is another name), why social intelligence is important, and how to develop it. It is a very clear book with lots of information.

‘Making Sense: A Guide to Sensory Issues - by Rachel Schneider

This book is written by an adult with sensory processing disorder (SPD). It gives a useful overview of sensory issues, how they may effect a person ,and strategies to help.