Residence Life and Student Accommodation Services portal help

I’m not sure how to use the portal. Do you have a step-by-step guide that I can download? 

Yes – you can download the accommodation portal guide.

I've forgotten my username / password. How can I log in? 

Your username will be the email address you supplied when you submitted your university application. If you have forgotten your password, enter your email address in the username box then click the ‘generate password’ link below the password box. Follow the instructions to set a new password and log in. If you don’t remember your email you used please call us on +44 1752 588644

Who can apply for accommodation? 

We guarantee University-managed accommodation to all undergraduate applicants who choose Plymouth University as their first choice institution and apply for accommodation before 1 July 2017. Please note that the guarantee does not apply to students who still have a conditional status after 31 August 2017.

If Plymouth is your insurance choice, you'll not be able to progress through the accommodation application system unless Plymouth subsequently becomes your institution of choice and you accept your offer.

How and when can I begin applying for university-managed accommodation? 

You'll receive an email from Residence Life advising you when halls of residence applications are open. Please also check your junk mail folder.

Who will see the information I have supplied about my medical condition? 

The information will be used only by the Residence Life and Student Accommodation Services team to help offer you accommodation which is suitable to your needs, and for reference in case of an emergency. 

Can my parents discuss details of my accommodation with the Residence Life Office?

We can only discuss your details with a third party e.g. parent/guardian if you disclose them on the personal information page in the application form.
What are the different room types? 

There are different sizes and shapes of rooms and flats. Some are en-suite and some have shared bathrooms. Please see the descriptions of the individual halls for specific information about the different room types available, as these vary between buildings. 
How much does accommodation cost? 

Prices for the different university-managed accommodation options may be found in the price guide. Additionally the price of your chosen accommodation will be listed on the screen before making your final selection. 
Will I have to pay a deposit? 

Yes - when you receive your room allocation you will be asked to pay a reservation fee of £250, this is payable within seven calendar days from us sending your offer of accommodation via email.

When can I pay my deposit to secure my accommodation?

When you have become an unconditional status, and if you have accepted a firm offer to study with us, you will be able to pay your deposit for your room within seven calendar days from us sending your offer of accommodation via email. You will not be able to pay your deposit before receiving your offer of accommodation.

What happens to my deposit?

If you accept a room and you arrive as planned, this fee will become your damage deposit when you move in. The deposit will be held to cover any damages you may incur during your stay. If no charges are incurred the deposit will be returned to you after your contract ends.

What happens if I've paid my deposit but changed my mind?

Please contact us immediately if you change your mind, as we may need to find a replacement before we can release you from your licence agreement,

How and when do I pay my accommodation fees?

You will make your halls payments two weeks prior to your arrival. You'll pay four weeks in advance and make payments for the remaining amounts in three instalments throughout the year. These will be detailed on the website and in your contract.
How do I book surfing or bicycle storage facilities? 

Water sports and bicycle storage permits can be bought online at the e-store for annual fee once you have accepted an offer of accommodation. Please check the information about the halls of residence to find out which buildings have bicycle and/or water sports storage. 
Further questions are answered on the FAQ section. If you can’t find an answer to your question here, please do not hesitate to contact the Residence Life and Student Accommodation Services team.