Parking permit information

Halls of residence

If you intend to live in halls, parking permits are not available and you should carefully reconsider whether you need your vehicle, as alternative parking can be very costly (e.g.: £150 per month at Regent Street car park). Although we understand that you may wish to contest this on the basis of need, unfortunately we are unable to make any exceptions. 

Rooms / flats rented from landlords and agents

Not all properties within a permit zone are eligible for permits. 

It is very important that you check that the property you choose to rent is eligible for the issue of a parking permit before you bring your car to Plymouth. You can do this using the 'Am I eligible?' list found on the Plymouth City Council permit applications page. You can also call the telephone number on the City Council's web page. 

Is it essential you have your car in Plymouth? 

Important points to consider when applying (provided by Plymouth City Council): 

  • If you wish to apply in advance, but don't want the permit to start until September, you must write 'To start 01 September' at the top of your application form, or prominently in any attached email to the Plymouth City Council. Failure to do this may cause your permit to start too soon, meaning that it may be returned to Plymouth City Council because you're not yet living at the address when they send it out, and it will expire earlier than desired. 
  • The application form must be filled out and signed by you, the student who will be living at the Plymouth address, it cannot be completed by parents or anyone else. 
  • The proof documents listed are the only accepted documents. If you supply different documents, they might not be accepted, and may delay your application. 
  • Tenancy agreements must be signed by you and the landlord or agent to be valid. If you have a copy with only your own signature, you must ask the landlord or agent to supply a headed letter confirming your occupancy which you can present to Plymouth City Council together with the tenancy agreement.
  • You must ensure all documents are provided together with your form at the same time. Due to the volume of applicants, incomplete applications cannot be accepted and will be rejected. Plymouth City Council will not be liable for any delays or penalty charge notices incurred as a result.
  • If applying by email or post to Plymouth City Council, you must ensure you apply, at the very least, 21 days before the permit is required. 
  • If you need a permit urgently, you must apply in person with all required documents at the city council's 1st Stop shop