What we do

Helping you find your new home

  • Do you want to move with your friends into a house?
  • Do you want to move into a property individually with people you don't already know, where you can make new friends and widen your social circle?

Your overall well-being, happiness and safety are of paramount importance to the us. We want to ensure that you stay in the best accommodation for you, and one that is safe, secure and comfortable. Our off campus private accommodation has been approved to meet our specifications of safety and suitability. High standards of presentation are expected and all property must have a high provision regarding safety equipment.

Benefits of choosing our database in your search for your new home:

  • All landlords we work with own and manage the properties themselves so that issues are resolved promptly.  
  • Our properties meet our high standards of fire protection provision.  All have mains linked smoke detection system, a carbon monoxide detector, fire extinguishers and a fire blanket. We ensure that a gas safety record is held by us before we offer any property, and we ensure that the properties have enough bath/shower rooms and WC’s for the number of tenants in the house.
  • Most of our landlords offer ten month tenancy agreements – why have a longer tenancy agreement when you don’t actually need it? Landlords are really flexible and will often extend your tenancy if you need to stay on longer than expected.  
  • We work hard to form a good working relationship with our landlords; many have worked with us for a number of years to offer you well managed properties.

When should you start looking?

You shouldn't feel pressured into finding a home – managing agents start their promotions very early and this may not be in your best interests. Looking too early could mean you sign a tenancy agreement and then change your mind about who you want to live with, but are then stuck to the terms of the legal tenancy agreement that you have signed. There is also no guarantee of safety and security with managing agents – they are commercial organisations looking to make a profit, and also their tenancy lengths may be longer than you need.

Our information of available properties for the forthcoming academic year are promoted on Plymouth Studentpad during December each year.

If you are a new student, you must hold an unconditional firm offer before you can register on the database.

How we can help you to find your new home

Use our PlymouthStudentpad online database for your approved off campus private accommodation - it's easy to access and very user friendly.

Plymouth has a vast supply of student accommodation and you are in the fortunate position of being able to shop around. Make sure you view properties.  

Access our Plymouth Studentpad database and register using your University of Plymouth email address. Don't forget to download our property viewing checklist and take it with you when you meet the landlords.