Approved accommodation price list

Average costs for University approved private accommodation.

The rents for properties on our database vary according to many factors, such as how close the property is to campus, the facilities provided and the overall look of the property. However, the largest factor is the type of accommodation and below is a rough guide showing typical rents. Nevertheless, it's likely that there are properties both less expensive and more expensive than the figures shown below.

  • Studio flat (usually only suitable for single occupancy): £95–£140* 
  • One bedroom flat (for an individual or a couple): £100–£150* 
  • Ensuite room in a shared student house: £90–£105
  • All inclusive room in a shared student house: £75–£99* 
  • All inclusive room in a shared student house (small): £55–£70*
  • Deposits: this can be around £250 but some landlords ask for the equivalent of a month's rent. Landlords may ask for a guarantor.

*Not all properties include bills, which can cost an additional £8–£10 per person per week (approximately).