Halls of residence price list

Prices for the 2017-18 academic year

Our halls of residence are listed below by room type, price per week and annualised amount.

All contract lengths are 41 weeks excluding medical, dentistry and full year international students where the contract length is 42 weeks.

Halls on campus

Francis Drake

  • En suite​: £142.91/week, annualised amount £5,859.31 
  • Large en suite​: £155.64/week, annualised amount £6,381.24
  • Three bed flat: £155.64/week (per room), annualised amount £6,381.24 
  • Large studio​: £164.08/week, annualised amount £6,727.28 


  • Interior: £97.30/week, annualised amount £3,989.30
  • Standard: £99.47/week, annualised amount £4,078.27

Mary Newman

  • En suite: £141.20/week, annualised amount £5,789.20 
  • Large en suite: £145.40/week, annualised amount £5,961.40 
  • Extra large en suite: £153.77/week, annualised amount £6,304.57


  • En suite: £136.71/week, annualised amount £5,605.11 
  • Large en suite: £143.85/week, annualised amount £5,897.85 
  • Superior en suite: £148.96/week, annualised amount £6,107.36
  • Special en suite: £158.13/week, annualised amount £6,483.33


  • En suite: £136.71/week, annualised amount £5,605.11 
  • Superior en suite: £148.96/week, annualised amount £6,107.36
  • Special en suite: £158.13/week, annualised amount £6,483.33 


  • Interior: £98.98/week, annualised amount £4,058.18 
  • Standard: £104.09/week, annualised amount £4,267.69 
  • En suite: £126.49/week, annualised amount £5,186.09 
  • Flat (one bed): £155.05/week, annualised amount £6,357.05 

Halls within walking distance

Central Point

  • En suite: £140.00/week, annualised amount £5,740.00

Discovery Heights

  • En suite: £135.00/week, annualised amount £5,535.00
  • Studio: £155.00/week, annualised amount £6,355.00

Frobisher House

  • En suite small: £149.00/week, annualised amount £6,109.00
  • En suite: £154.00/week, annualised amount £6,314.00
  • Large en suite: £156.00/week, annualised amount £6,396.00
  • Studio: £168.00/week, annualised amount £6,888.00

St Teresa House

  • Standard: £115.00/week, annualised amount £4,715.00 
  • Studio: £145.00/week, annualised amount £5,945.00

St Thomas Court

  • En suite: £135.00/week, annualised amount £5,535.00 
  • Studio: £155.00/week, annualised amount £6,355.00

The Old Dairy

  • Classic en suite: £155.00/week, annualised amount £6,355.00
  • Premium en suite: £160.00/week, annualised amount £6,560.00 

It is important that you check the length of your contract before signing your licence agreement as you will be responsible for paying for the total duration. *The annualised amounts shown above are for 41 week contracts.