Student loans 2018/19

If you are a home student and have applied for a student loan we need to inform the Student Loans Company (SLC) that you have completed enrolment and are in attendance before they release the autumn term loan to your bank account via the BACS payment system. 

Where possible the process of confirming your enrolment to the SLC is completed automatically as part of online enrolment.

Please note that non-UCAS applicants will need to be manually confirmed. 

Student Funding loan scanning session

When: Monday to Friday, 09:30 to 16:00, Monday 17 September 2018 onwards.

Venue: Student Funding Unit, 4th Floor, Nancy Astor Building

Automated confirmation of enrolment to the SLC

When you complete online enrolment, provided we have all the required information, an automated message will be sent to the SLC informing them you have completed enrolment.

You will be notified if this was successful in the email you receive when you complete online enrolment.  This means you do not need to have your payment advice letter scanned on campus.

Please note that the automatic confirmation will fail if you have not been able to input your SLC Student Support Number in section six of online enrolment. Your Student Support Number (SSN) is recorded underneath the barcode on your University Payment Advice form issued by Student Finance.

Self-service option

If the SLC enrolment confirmation process is not completed as part of online enrolment, there is a self-service option available to you on the student portal

Select the personal details option from the MyEdesk menu. After completing the e@dmin authentication page, select ‘confirm your University attendance to the Student Loans Company’. You will need to provide your SLC SSN.  

You will be advised whether or not the confirmation was successful. If it was unsuccessful the reason may be because the University has not yet received your details from the SLC. You may be able to try again after a day or two.

Manual confirmation of enrolment to the SLC

If having tried both of these options and you are still having trouble, please visit The Student Funding Unit to have your funding manually activated from 9:30am – 4pm from Monday 17 September 2018 onwards. The Student Funding Unit is located on the 4th floor of the Nancy Astor Building.

You will need to bring along your University student ID card and payment advice letter from Student Finance containing your Student Support Number (SSN) so we can input your details onto the SLC database.

Please note that manual confirmation will fail if you have not completed your online enrolment first.

Please note that student loans will only be released by the SLC after the official start of term which for standard programmes will be the 24 September 2018. Loans normally take three to five working days to be released into your bank account.

Please be aware that this timeframe could be longer if the SLC have not yet completed your loan assessment.

If there are any problems with late or non-payments this could be for a number of reasons, you must contact the Student Finance Helplines on the numbers below:

Student Finance England: 0300 100 0607
Student Finance Wales: 0300 200 4050
Student Finance Northern Ireland: 0300 100 0611
The Student Awards Agency for Scotland: 0300 555 0505
Please note that EU and overseas students cannot apply for a student maintenance loan.

EU Students with tuition fee loans only do not have to have their SFE paperwork activated as this will happen automatically.