Online enrolment FAQs

Please read these frequently asked questions before completing online enrolment.

1. I am a new student and haven’t yet uploaded my photo for the University card. How do I do this?

To apply for your University card you must upload a photograph of yourself using thee@pplicant page. Please complete this as soon as possible to avoid delays in the production of your University card.

2. I don’t seem to know what to do or how to answer the questions?

The instructions for online enrolment will guide you through the entire process. Please read these through before attempting to complete your enrolment or contacting the University for help. Please note that online enrolment opens for returning students on 7 August 2017 and for new students on 18 August 2017.

3. Can I wait until I come to the University before doing my enrolment online?

Unless you are an international student where you need to meet the requirements of the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) before enrolling, we strongly recommend that you enrol in advance as this gives you time to work through the different steps at your own pace and to resolve any queries which may arise. If it is impossible for you to enrol in advance, please go to Charles Seale-Hayne Library on the Plymouth campus; please note that this will be busy during Induction.

Library and IT Enquiries support are available in the Charles Seale Hayne library 24/7.

Contact: or +44 1752 588588.

If you are based somewhere other than the Plymouth Campus please contact your local administration team if you have any problems.

4. I am an international student – when can I complete online enrolment?

If you are an overseas (non-distant learning) student joining Plymouth University from outside the UK/EU, or if you have been assessed as an overseas fee payer, we are required by UK Visas and Immigration to scan your passport and visa. You must complete this scanning to be able to complete online enrolment and to collect your University card. Please bring your passport, visa and offer letter to International Student Advice (ISA), ground floor, Roland Levinsky Building before completion of enrolment. For more information please contact

5. I am a Home/EU student and pay 'Home' tuition fees but I have been contacted by the International Office telling me that I must have my passport (and visa if applicable) scanned. Why is this?

If you have received an email from the International Office asking you to scan your documents this will be due to one of the following reasons:

  • You stated on your application form that your nationality is non-EU.
  • The nationality field on your application was left blank.
  • You are not in receipt of funding from Student Finance England (or other related bodies).

This does not mean that we are querying your fee status or that the University has categorised you as an International Student. However the University must take steps to check your documentation and any leave or other permissions you have to legally study and remain in the UK. 

Please follow the instructions in the email you will receive/have received and take your documentation for scanning to International Student Advice (ISA), Roland Levinsky Building as soon as possible. This will only need to be done once when you join the University, unless you have a limit to your leave in the UK, in which case we will follow this up with you to ensure it remains valid and in date.  

If you do not attend to have your documents scanned within a reasonable period of time (not more than two months after enrolment) this will be escalated to your Faculty Registrar and may result in eventual de-registration from the University.

6. I was on a year zero foundation degree at Plymouth University last year, but don’t seem to be able to online enrol through the student portal?

You need to enrol through the applicant portal. Online enrolment will open on 18 August 2017.

7. I was on a foundation degree last year, but don’t seem to be able to online enrol through the student portal?

You need to enrol through the applicant portal. Online enrolment will open on 18 August 2017.

8. I was on a different course last year, but don’t seem to be able to online enrol through the student portal?

You need to enrol through the applicant portal. Online enrolment will open on 18 August 2017.

9. I was on an MPhil/PhD or ResM programme last year and have transferred to a PhD this year, but don’t seem to be able to online enrol through the student portal?

You need to enrol through the applicant portal.  

10. I have just confirmed my place to start in September/October, when can I online enrol?

Online enrolment opens for new students via the applicant portal on 18 August 2017. 

Please note that the applicant portal is updated overnight, so you need to wait 24 hours to allow time for the updated decision to be confirmed.

11. I am about to start the final stage of my degree, which I was expecting to be Stage 3, however the OLE screens say I will be registering on Stage 4 in the next academic year. Is this correct?

This will affect students who are on a course which has an optional placement year or year abroad. Students who progress to the final year are registered on stage four so those students who have opted to take the placement year or year abroad can be registered on stage three. If you are not taking the optional placement year/year abroad, it is correct for you to register on stage four in your final year.

12. I am a research degree student and the OLE screen shows a stage which is higher than what I am enrolling for. Is this correct?

If you had a period of suspension the system will record the number of academic years since commencement; your actual deadline will have been adjusted for both the purpose of the end date of your programme and the level of fees you will be liable for.

13. I have an outstanding tuition fee debt, will I be able to online enrol?

You will not be able to enrol until you have cleared the debt. Please email the University Finance Department on

14. I have referred assessments to complete over the summer, when will I be able to online enrol?

If you successfully complete all assessments, you will be able to online enrol after 13 September 2017.

If you fail the referred assessment or need further help, please contact your Faculty Office (note that staff are only available during office hours, Monday–Friday).

15. I want to complete my online enrolment but have not yet received confirmation of funding from the Student Loan Company?

The online payment screen gives you the option of confirming that fees will be paid by the Student Loan Company (SLC). If you have been sent your Student Support Number by the SLC, please tell us the number via section six of online enrolment, however this is not a mandatory field and you can proceed with online enrolment without it. 

If your student support number is already populated please do not overwrite or delete this.

Please note that if the Student Loans Company do not provide you with a tuition fee loan for any reason, you will become liable to pay the fees. 

16. I am on an NHS funded place and I think I have made an error in completing OLE section six with regards to student funding.  What should I do?

If you are on an NHS funded place on the following programmes BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult, Child Health, Mental Health), Midwifery, Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Medicine (Year 5 only), or Dentistry (Year 5 only) you should have ticked the no fees payable box and entered the reason type NHS funded.

If you have not done this please contact our Tuition Fee team on +44 1752 588130 or

17. Why can’t I give my own mobile number in the emergency contact information?

Fortunately, the need for an emergency contact is rare, but if there is a serious problem and we need to make contact with the person you have nominated as your emergency contact, we need their number and not your own. 

18. I’ve forgotten my password; can I set myself a new one?

Yes, you can by going to the password change utility. You will need your student reference number to access this and you will be asked to enter your username, date of birth and to confirm security questions you have set previously.

19. I have manually enrolled but I don’t have a username or password. How can I get one?

This can be done by registering for a computer account online.

20. I will be moving address in the next few weeks but don’t have the details of my new address. Can I update my personal details later?

Yes, you can complete OLE now using your current address and update your contact details at any time on the student portal by selecting the personal details menu on the My Edesk tab.

21. Who do I contact if I have a query that has not been answered by the FAQs?

Academic Partnerships

Tel: +44 1752 586381


Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Tel: +44 1752 585020 


Faculty of Business

Tel: +44 1752 585650


Faculty of Health and Human Sciences


Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry 

Tel: +44 1752 437397


Faculty of Science and Engineering

Tel: +44 1752 584584


Library and IT Enquiries

Tel: +44 1752 588588


International Student Advice (ISA)

Tel: +44 1752 587740