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Medical information

As soon as you have completed online enrolment, please ensure that you complete/update the online medical questionnaire.  You will find the questionnaire at: . Alternatively, you can scroll down on the induction web page where you will see a link for the Medical Questionnaire (You must complete online enrolment first). You may have previously completed the questionnaire but must still open and save this even if there are no changes. Opening and saving the questionnaire will be date stamped and we will know that your information is up-to-date.  This will be checked by a member of the administrative team and if information is not updated you will be refused entry to laboratories and refused attendance on any fieldwork. The information is required solely to enable organisers of field courses, lab work and other activities you may undertake to be alerted to any special requirements or precautions which may be necessary.

Thursday 19 September 2019

09.00 - 10.00 Stage Meeting and Module Enrolment – Lecture Theatre 1, Ground Floor, Roland Levinsky Building

Dr Aude Gebelin (Stage 2 Tutor) and Dr Paul Cole (Programme Co-ordinator)

This meeting is a very important one and all returning students should attend. The session will be led by the Stage Tutor, who will relate important information about the second year of the programme. It will also be used to make important announcements about any changes to University processes and procedures in 2019/20.

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