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Monday 16th September

Careers Session
09.30-10.00 CKY408
The Careers and Employability induction session will give you all the information you need to prepare for your future. Helping students to understand everything the service offers, I will talk though who can help with placements, careers guidance, employability workshops and graduate recruitment, just to name a few. The key message will be ‘your career starts now’ and will explore the vital importance of taking all the opportunities available to you whilst studying to enhance your chances of employment after graduation.

Meeting with Programme Leader
13.00-14.00 SMB202

Library Session
14.00-15.00 PSQ Devonport LT
A general welcome and introduction to Library services and resources lead by your School Information Specialist. The aim is to offer a fun but informative session to get you started in your academic life.

Tuesday 17th September

PBS New Students Inauguration Ceremony
18.00 Hoe Graduation Marquee

Thursday 19th September

Academic Skills Session
10.00-11.00 BGB411
with Paul Harrington 

Enrolment Session

12.00-14.00 Room 206/207 Roland Levinsky Building

Surnames A-H  12.00 - 12.30

Surnames I-P    12.30 - 13.30

Surnames Q-Z  13.30 - 14.00

You must complete online enrolment and upload a photo prior to attending this session. You will need to bring identification with you to this session. The preferred form of identification is a valid current passport. Please refer to our University Card Collection web page for further details.

Please remember to enrol online and select your elective modules by clicking on the panel at the top of the page. 

Faculty Welcome Party
19.15 – 21.45 Hoe Graduation Marquee
For new students to meet other students in the Faculty, the academic staff, and some past students in an informal environment.

Friday 20th September

Meeting with Programme Leader
11.00-12.00 BGB402

Personal Tutoring Session
13.00-14.00 SCB101
With Ricky Lowes

Note: Teaching will commence the week beginning Monday 23rd September.

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