How does it feel to graduate from university?

Duncan Molesworth

Digital art and technology

"It feels good. It’s been a great three years. I’ve got a trip to New Zealand coming up. Now that I’ve got my degree, I feel like I’m more employable and I can go anywhere in the world and get a job."

<p>Duncan Molesworth</p>
<p>Ayotunde Sokale</p>

Ayotunde Sokale

MEng Civil and Coastal Engineering

“It feels amazing! I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, so it’s a ‘goal realisation’ moment. I’ve already started working, as a civil servant for the Environment Agency. University also made me more confident and shaped who I am today.”

Sam Harrison

BA Music

“The highlight of my course was learning about types of music I never even knew existed. That’s what university’s for. It feels scary to be graduating, but it’s a new chapter. I’m doing teacher training, and I couldn't do that without a degree."

<p>Sam Harrison</p>
<p>Jasmine Goodall</p>

Jasmine Goodall

BA Geography

“I feel pleased, relieved... It’s the best moment ever! I’m elated, and it’s nice to have a reunion with everyone. My family’s here to see me graduate, including my grandad. After graduation, travelling is at the top of my list. Now I’ve got the degree, the world is my oyster!”

Nur Farahana Binti Suhaili

BA Digital Arts

“It feels very exciting to be graduating. Attending University of Plymouth was the first time I’d ever come to the UK, so it’s a really big day for me. The best thing about being here has been making new friends from other countries, and having really talented lecturers.”

<p>Nur Farahana Binti Suhaili</p>
<p>Timothy Levy</p>

Timothy Levy

BSc Geology and Ocean Science

“I’m over the moon. It feels brilliant, fantastic – words can’t describe it. I’m not sure what path I want to go down yet, but I’d like to be an officer in the forces. The best thing about university for me was the city itself, Plymouth is brilliant. I love it.”