What's it like to go through Clearing?

Catherine Farrell – BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering

"Plymouth was one of my original choices but I didn’t get the grades. Luckily there was a space for me through Clearing! Now I am studying the course I wanted to do, and it looks like I will continue onto a Masters – something that didn’t seem at all possible a couple of years ago!"

Top tip

"Keep an open mind and be prepared. It isn’t as bad as it sounds. Make a list of the places that offer your course, and similar ones. Rank them by preference and the likelihood of them offering you a place, then get on the phone!"

Sam Evans – BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

"I’m on the course I wanted, but I’d never come across the University of Pltymouth before. When I came for the Clearing open day I couldn’t believe this was the case. Plymouth has everything a student could wish for: a city centre campus, a ten-minute walk from an incredibly scenic waterfront, with all the social and sporting facilities you can think of. Getting a place here has been the best thing to happen to me."

Top tip

"Focus on the bigger picture. Options will open up to you that you might never have even thought of. Now I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else."

Sophie Lamden – BA (Hons) Theatre and Performance

"I am so happy I came here, it was definitely the right place for me and I threw myself into the university, joining a society, becoming an ambassador and doing everything that has made it the best years of my life. There seems to be a stigma that if you go through clearing you may not be smart enough, but I achieved a first for my second year, the top mark in my year for my course! I think how lucky I am that I ended up going through Clearing. I love the course, I love the people and I love the place!"

Top tip 

"Trust your gut and make your decision as quickly as you can. Try not to see it as a bad thing, as it may be a blessing in disguise."

Dammie Olubowale – BSc Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery

"I came through Clearing to study Biomedical Sciences, but later I was able to switch to Medicine. I originally wanted to go to a uni in the Midlands, close to home, but Plymouth is an amazing environment to study in. I don’t think the university I originally wanted to go to would have been as conducive for my learning and I wouldn’t be as happy."

Top tip

Don’t just look at the course name, look at the modules. That played a big part for me. Go to a Clearing Open Day and speak to current students – that’s what sold Plymouth for me!

Amy Evans – BA (Hons) International Business with Spanish

"Clearing definitely changed my life, I ended up on a completely different course at a different university – I initially wanted to study Pharmacy! Plymouth wasn’t in my five choices and I hadn’t visited but I absolutely love it! The course is great, and I love that the University is campus-based but in the city centre, so the majority of people around are also students. I’m definitely more than happy with how things have turned out."

Top tip

"Act quickly, as many places on popular courses disappear quickly. When I called Plymouth I was surprised at how efficient and helpful they were, and was relieved that I was offered a place within an hour of receiving my results."