Nine ways to save money at university

1. Use money management apps
Apps like Money Dashboard, Monzo and Wally can help you keep track of where your money’s going.

2. Organise your finances
Schedule all payments, like rent, to come out of your account right after your loan goes in, so you’ll know how much you have left.

3. Make a budget
Once you know how much money you have left over each month or each semester, make a budget for books, socialising, travel, food and any other expenses.

4. Ask for a better deal
Get haggling when you renew your broadband, phone contract, insurance or household utilities.

5. Plan your meals
Make a meal plan with your housemates, with different people shopping, cooking and washing up each night.

6. Wear out your student card
Make the most of your NUS card. Always ask if places offer discounts or freebies.

7. Switch and save
Keep an eye out for bank-switching deals. They often come with railcards, cash bonuses or gadget insurance thrown in.

8. Sell your skills
Play guitar? Good at maths? Whatever your special skill, offer your services on sites like Fiverr. It will also look great on your CV.

9. Compare prices
Check comparison sites to make sure you get the best deal when setting up insurance, phones, utilities and more.