What’s the best thing about your first semester at university?

Students from Plymouth share their favourite things about the first semester of university, including meeting new people, living on the coast and joining societies…

Gemma Curtis 

Occupational therapy (first year) 

“My favourite thing is the location – especially the Hoe. I also love the small class sizes and how close we are to the tutors, they’re all really friendly.” 

Daniel Skinley 

English and creative writing (first year)

"My experience has been very good so far, I’ve enjoyed all of it! Joining the Sailing Society has been my favourite thing. And the lecturers are very hands-on, you feel like you’re well guided. They really know their stuff.” 

Bailey Aldridge 

Geology (second year) 

“I joined the rowing society, so it was really cool to get to know people from all over the country who shared an interest. The Societies Fair was a great way to see all the options available. I’m from London so it was nice moving to a smaller city, and everyone’s so lovely. It’s a nicer way of life.” 

Harsh Gadaria 

Optometry (second year) 

“The best thing was the freedom you have in the first semester, there isn’t as much work as in your second year. I had more spare time, met new people. You need to get a good circle of friends and not seclude yourself when you arrive. The scenery is great, too, and I love the food here – the fish and chips are amazing!” 

Tricia de Silva 

Geology (third year) 

“Meeting new people was the nicest thing for me. On my course we have a lot of field trips – in the first semester we went to St Ives in Cornwall – and that was a really good way of getting to know each other. I’m still good friends with the people I met in the first few months of uni.” 

Student Life magazine: Spring 2017 issue 5