How to make foraged nettle pesto

Pasta: a staple of the student diet that’s already pretty cheap – but it could be even cheaper, as well as being delicious and nutritious, with a bit of foraging.

Foraging has experienced a resurgence in popularity recently, and the Family Foraging Kitchen, an initiative based in the South West, has just been awarded funding from Plymouth University to help local families learn to find and cook with foraged ingredients.

Here’s a recipe for a quick pesto sauce that you can chuck on any cooked pasta. You can use any green edible wild leaf, the Family Foraging Kitchen tells us, but common sorrel, chickweed or stinging nettles are particularly nice.

Foraged nettle pesto

Learn how to make foraged nettle pesto!

We don’t want you poisoning yourselves or getting arrested – Get safety tips and read guidelines on the laws around foraging on the Family Foraging Kitchen website.