Toby Thwaites

BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering student Toby talks about his clearing process.

Had you considered coming to Plymouth before you got your grades?

Not really, I had received various offers from all over the UK and went to numerous open days, none of which were at Plymouth.


Did you end up doing a different course as a result of going through Clearing?

Yes, some of my offers were for aerospace engineering, however mechanical can often tie together multiple disciplines, so it's worked in my favour. It's an extremely well-rounded course.


Did you panic when you didn’t get your first choice?

Yes. But that doesn't mean university isn't for you. It doesn't matter where you study, find a course you will love and you'll succeed.


How did you find the Clearing process?

Both easy and stressful. I've been on both ends of the clearing hotline, as a student and a call handler. Waiting to be accepted can be stressful, but the phone call is so straightforward. The process is simple and logical, someone will help you through every step, everyone is very helpful.


Are you glad you ended up at Plymouth doing the course you’re on?

100 per cent – I can't see myself anywhere else. So many opportunities have opened up to me as a result of studying at Plymouth. I haven't once looked back.


What advice would you give to other students about Clearing?

Research your course – this must still be your motivation for being at university! And find out how far your potential new campus is from home.