Student funding and bursaries

In addition to the loans and grants available to students to help with tuition fees and living costs, there is also a range of additional funding opportunities and bursaries on offer at University of Plymouth. Some are open to all students, while others are available to those studying a specific subject. They can fund a number of things, like field trips, sport or travel and could help to keep you financially afloat while making the most of your time at university. Here are just a few of the opportunities available:

Santander Universities Scholarships

Through the University of Plymouth's partnership with Santander Universities, these Scholarships can vary from £200 to £5,000, funding research and exchange projects with fellow Santander Universities worldwide.

Sporting Excellence Scholarships

If you’re into sports, all that hard work could pay off with Plymouth’s sporting excellence programme, which offers financial support as well as access to some of the best coaching and facilities in the country. Many of the scholars have reached national or even international levels in their sport.

Academic scholarships

Many individual departments at University of Plymouth offer scholarships that can help to support you while you pursue your specific subject of study. Once you’re on your course, the department will be able to advise you on what funding opportunities are available to you.

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