Sam Evans

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science student Sam talks about his clearing process.

Had you considered coming to Plymouth before you got your grades?

Before I didn’t get the grades I was expecting, I had never come across the University of Plymouth. But now I am in my second year of BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science, and this was the course I wanted to study, even before entering the Clearing process.


Did you panic when you didn’t get your first choice?

It is absolutely natural to panic if you find out that you haven’t got the grades you required to get into your first choice, as it is a real shock to the system.


How did you find the Clearing process?

The first few days of the Clearing process were really stressful. I was frantically searching on UCAS for universities that would accept me with the grades I currently held, whilst two of my A levels were being remarked. I would eventually get the grades I originally expected, but by this point I had already visited the Clearing Open Day at Plymouth, and I couldn’t have wished for any better experience.


Are you glad you ended up at Plymouth?

I visited Plymouth University for their Clearing Open Day in a very different mind-set and situation to any I’d found myself in before. My father had recently suffered a serious injury and was temporarily in a wheelchair. So I arrived quite early and was greeted by members of the events team who stayed with me until the event began. They talked me through how the day would go, whilst personally locating and speaking to my course’s admissions tutor. They were able to inform me of when my meeting with him would take place, and what it would entail.

I had never received anywhere near this level of attention and clarity on any of my University visits before, and that stood out from the minute I arrived on campus, greeted by the smiling faces of the Student Ambassadors. This definitely helped to settle my nerves in preparation for meeting with the admissions tutor and this proved invaluable, as it enabled me to study on the course I desired.

I simply cannot say enough how happy I am here. I have made friends for life, who without the Clearing process I never would have met. Additionally, working for the University as a Student Ambassador has enabled me to meet prospective applicants and tell them just how thrilled I am that I ended up in Britain’s Ocean City.


What advice would you give to other students?

Try and do your utmost to put aside the disappointment and focus on the bigger picture. I am a firm believer in saying that ‘everything happens for a reason’. Options will open up to you that you would never have even thought of. Being granted a place at Plymouth and getting to experience what the city has to offer for the past 18 months has honestly been the best thing to happen to me to date.