Kayleigh Bunker

BSc (Hons) Chemistry student Kayleigh talked about her clearing process.

Had you considered coming to Plymouth before you got your grades?

No, I wasn't even aware of the chemistry course at Plymouth. I switched from a four year integrated masters course to the three year BSc. 


Did you panic when you didn’t get your first choice?

Yes. I was ill with pneumonia through my A levels, but it hadn't really sunk in that it would impact my grades. In total I dropped six grades over my three subjects so there was a lot of panicking going on.


How did you find the Clearing process?

I had a couple of friends help me and we rang around every university on the UCAS list that offered chemistry. It was both easy and stressful, they all ask you the same information so it's fairly routine, but there are so many unknowns over those few hours, anyone would stress!

The person who answered my call at Plymouth was really understanding, you can imagine by the time I was down to 'P' I was feeling pretty awful. The admission person for chemistry actually rang me back and we had a chat about my studies, university and plans. He is now one of my lecturers and I still remember that phone call four years on.


Are you glad you ended up at Plymouth doing the course you’re on?

I am really glad, when looking at universities I was a little blinded by a couple of things and failed to realise how perhaps a smaller year group size and course size would help me, so it would be noticed if I fell behind. The amount of support you get at Plymouth is amazing.


What advice would you give to other students about Clearing?

It really isn't the end of the world – it may feel it, but take your time, do your research into the universities that offer you places and talk to friends and family before you make your decision.