Meet: Faye West

“The London Games inspired me to try everything and let nothing stop me,” says Plymouth native and second-year media arts student, Faye West, who, true to her word, also captains the wheelchair rugby team. As a recipient of the Sporting Excellence Scholarship programme, Faye is able to compete in tournaments, “which help me develop knowledge of the game and gives me the motivation to train.” 

To tell us more about her sport, training schedule and plans for the future, it’s over to Faye…

I was introduced to rugby by a friend and at first was very apprehensive but as soon as I tried it I was hooked. I’d never experienced the rush of adrenaline that sport gives you, it makes my heart beat and makes me feel alive.

I try to prioritise my university work and then fit training in where I can. I don’t really have a typical day, but as an example, on a Monday I train for an hour with the club, this involves fitness, skills and game strategy. I also try and go to the gym twice a week to focus on getting stronger and fitter. I play wheelchair tennis on a Friday, which improves my coordination.

You need good coordination as you move a chair and have to control a ball. You have to have good stamina, as it’s a high-intensity sport. Mentally you have to be able to read the game and decide what strategy you use to beat the other team. As a captain, I have to make clear decisions and be a lead example for my teammates.

I hope to get a job in a production company or work independently as a media artist, and to continue playing wheelchair rugby to the highest level I can.

Student Life magazine: Spring 2016 issue 2