Do you spend too much time online?

Louise Christopher, 2nd year BA (Hons) Education Studies

Devices: Laptop, iPhone

How do you use them?

I write assignments on my laptop, and we can use phones to google things in lectures, like journal articles. 

What are the essential devices for uni?

I’d say a laptop and phone are essential – laptop for uni, phone for social stuff.

Do you spend too much time online?

I do, but I just give into it. We always go crazy in my house when the Wi-Fi cuts out.

Louise Christopher
Christian Fregling

Christian Fregling, 3rd year BSc (Hons) Maritime Business and Maritime Law

Devices: iMac, iPad, MacBook, iPhone.

How do you use them?

I use my MacBook for lectures, and the phone is mostly for keeping in touch with people. We use Facebook and WhatsApp for group work and sharing ideas too. I also use it for socialising with other international students – I recently cooked a big German dinner for the friends that I first got to know through a group on Facebook.

Daniel Ward, 1st year BA (Hons) Graphic Communications with Typography

Devices: iPhone, MacBook, iPad.

How do you use them? 

My MacBook has all the design software on it for my course. My lecturers didn’t like us using our phones to make notes – they probably don’t want us going on Facebook.

Has technology helped you make friends?

It really helps. I knew a few people in my halls before I got here – it helped us bond because you have banter and chat before you meet. I’ve got a course chat, a chat for my flatmates, one for friends I’ve made…I’ve got about five different chats going on.

Daniel ward
How to manage your digital life

Nick Powell, Liam Jones, Ben Jones, Charles Murphy (l-r) 3rd year BSc (Hons) Building Surveying and the Environment and BSc (Hons) Construction Management and the Environment

Devices: Laptops and phones.

What are you doing at the moment?

We’re working on our dissertations, although not a lot of work is getting done today.

Which device is the most essential to you?

Our phones.

Katie Philips, 1st year BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

Devices: iPad, laptop, iPhone.

How do you use them?

I commute, so I bring my iPad and leave my laptop at home. Because I don’t live on campus, social media has helped me to make friends and meet people. There’s a Biomed Society Facebook group; you get invited to events.

Are you always plugged into social media?

I’m quite reliant on Facebook. I sometimes think “Come on, get on with your work.”

Katie Philips
Te Wei Hong

Te Wei Hong, 3rd year BA (Hons) 3D Design

Devices: Android phone, MacBook.

How do you use them?

I don’t use it for social stuff, I’m really focused on my course. I’ve just started using Twitter, but only to network. I’m too busy for much socialising, but I do like to share ideas and help people, so I’ve joined some groups online. I’m not always on Facebook or anything, that’s not what I’m here for – this year is all about work.

Alec de la Fuente, 2nd year BSc (Hons) Marine Biology

Devices: MP3 player, laptop, old-school Nokia phone.

What did you bring?

I brought on an old MP3 player and phone, and I bought the laptop when I got here. I use the laptop for uni and to speak to family back home in Lanzarote. I wear my headphones every day but I don’t use social media. If someone needs me then they have to call me.

Alec de la Fuente

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