Could you cut it in the hotel game? Answers


1) Fine dining (restaurant)

‘b’. Any incident was probably seen by staff. If it’s valid, reply
privately and offer a free dinner, and reply to the TripAdvisor comment. If not, say feedback is welcome but explain the outcome.

2) Pushy penthouser (hotel)

‘b’. If staff are no longer on duty maybe someone else can help. Don’t pass up an opportunity to offer an enhanced service.

3) Event horizon (catering)

‘a’. Promoting from within saves time, providing you can support the successful candidate and fill their now-empty position. Poaching staff from competitors is expensive, short-term and raises issues of loyalty.

4) Cruisin’ (cruise ship)

‘b’ – probably. Cruise ships rarely have spare capacity. But the guests may have been misinformed by the travel agent, so let them down gently. Champagne and strawberries usually go down well.

5) What’s bugging you? (café)

‘b’. Tell them a replacement meal will be with them ASAP, then tell the kitchen to make it a priority. Offer them free drinks in the meantime and monitor social media activity.

Student Life magazine: Spring 2016 issue 2