Could you cut it in the hotel game?

From demanding guests to missing chefs, Plymouth University’s Hotel School aims to equip tomorrow’s hospitality managers for anything. How would you fare? Take our quiz to find out…

1. Fine dining

You’re a Restaurant Manager and someone’s left a one-star review on TripAdvisor, claiming a member of staff was rude. How do you respond?

a) Post a reply to the site and deny everything

b) Investigate and then post a reply of explanation

c) Ignore the comment – you don’t negotiate with social media


2. Pushy penthouser

The X Factor judges are staying at your hotel. You’re the duty manager when Rita Ora requests room service at 11.30pm but it finishes at 10.30pm. What to do?!

a) Refuse and explain the hotel policy

b) Say yes of course, the staff can stay on

c) Offer to get her a take-away


3. Event horizon

Your Sous Chef has found a new job at a resort in Barbados. You are the Catering Manager and you need to fill the position quickly, as your team is catering an event for VIP guests attending World Cup qualifying matches at Wembley Stadium. How do you fix it?

a) Promote from within

b) Recruit from a competitor using a financial incentive

c) Advertise locally, nationally and internationally

4. Cruisin’

You’re the Guest Relations Officer on board a cruise ship. A honeymoon couple asks for a better stateroom – their travel agent said this was usual practice. What do you do?

a) If a room is available make the change

b) If no room is available apologise and explain

c) Say a room may be available later in the cruise


5. What’s bugging you?

A customer finds a fly in their soup. How should you react?

a) Say it wasn’t there before, it’s not your fault

b) Apologise and remove the dish

c) Remove the fly and tell them to carry on eating

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Student Life magazine: Spring 2016 issue 2