How to get the most from your Students Union

What exactly is the Students Union?

The Union is a separate organisation to the University, but it works closely with it to help make sure that everything it’s doing is for students. We have our commercial services, which includes the bar, a restaurant that we call the Quarterdeck, a shop and things like that. Then we obviously do the nights out and the big events, and we partner with nightclubs during the week where students can get in on a discount.

We also have our membership services – that includes sports, societies and volunteering in the local community with projects led by students. We also have a representation side, so we have course reps and school reps. Every Students Union has their own advice centre and they can help with finance, accommodation or academic issues. It’s kind of like a Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

As SU President, what do you actually do?

Good question! My main role is to act as a representative for all students at Plymouth and take any feedback to the university. I have the support of five other officers who all have different remits: education, welfare, international and outreach, sports and activities. This means as a team we can really listen to everyone, making the university experience as good as possible!

Ruth Titmuss explains her role as SU President

Ruth Titmuss explains her role as SU President

Do you have to be a member of the Students Union to enjoy its services?

Yes. However, when you register to be a University of Plymouth student you are automatically a member. You have to opt out if you don’t want to be a member.

How would I get involved in the SU?

A good starting point is coming along to the different fairs during Freshers Week. You can chat to lots of different people and seek out what is best for you. This year we have two different fairs: the volunteering fair and the societies and sport fair.

If I wanted to start up a sports club or society, how would I go about it?

All you have to do is find four potential members to start the club – a chair, a vice-chair, a health and safety officer and a finance officer. You also need 20 signatures from the student population to say there should be a society or a club, and that goes to the sports forum and then they approve it from there. We have a dedicated member of staff who helps with the resourcing of a venue, whether it’s a pitch, hall or the sea! We also support teams with finding equipment should they need any.

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