MA Architecture induction information

1. Complete online enrolment

Essential first step for all students

Complete this important step early and things become easier. After you’ve completed online enrolment, you’ll be able to:
  • obtain your University card
  • access academic induction material in your digital learning environment
  • access wider University systems (including access to email)
  • activate your student loan.
Important note: returning students must also complete online enrolment before a new year of study.

2. View your course induction schedule

To help you prepare, you’ll be able to view your course induction schedule before you complete online enrolment. This content may include:
  • dates and times of sessions
  • reading list
  • video content
  • other useful resources specific to your course.
Important note: some course content, such as links to online sessions, will only be accessible you complete online enrolment. This additional content will be available through your programme site in the digital learning environment.

3. Access your digital learning environment

Relevant for all students once enrolled

The digital learning environment will be your main source for course content while you study. Your digital learning environment is where you can:
  • access your full course timetable
  • access lecture notes and recordings
  • access programme and module information
  • submit your work online.
Important note: you will only be able to access your digital learning environment after you complete online enrolment.
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Unsure or concerned about starting university?

We hope you’re excited to start the next step of your journey here in Plymouth. As we safely welcome new and returning students to our campuses, we want to answer any questions you may have during this time of uncertainty.

New and returning students