eTextbooks with University of Plymouth

The University of Plymouth wants to give you the best start to your first year of student life.

Through the University of Plymouth eTextbooks scheme, over 80% of first-year undergraduates, receive their core reading in eTextbook format at no extra charge. 

We recognise that being a student today can be expensive and we want to address the hidden costs of buying core titles needed to start your studies in higher education. 

We ensure each student has access to the same material by giving our first-year students a package of eTextbooks worth £150 on average. 

These titles are carefully selected by your lecturer and embedded into your learning experience through your Moodle site.

What are eTextbooks?

University of Plymouth eTextbooks are personal ebook copies that stay with you for life. Once downloaded they can be used offline on up to four devices. They are with you throughout your studies and beyond into your professional life.

Why eTextbooks?

No more heavy bags of books to carry around, no need to compete with classmates for Library print copies – just everything in one place accessible 24/7 wherever you are in the world. 

eTextbooks provide interactive features such as search within text, highlight content and make and share notes to collaborate with your course mates. 

They can help support you with wider reading and research around your topic, as well as revise or prepare for tests and assignments.

More than just a book:

We work in partnership with Kortext the leading supplier of eTextbooks and Platform of the Year 2017 to provide our students with their eTextbook content.

Our eTextbooks come with added functionality and Kortext smart tools to enhance your reading experience and make the content accessible to everyone.

  • Text to Speech read aloud function
  • Annotation, note sharing and text highlighting
  • Change font size and text colour or add an overlay for an enhanced reading experience
  • Inking – freehand notes.

Our students say...

"Benefits my assignments and adds a range of references to my work. It enables me to have easy access to core resources which saves time from going to the library or buying books." 

BA (Hons) Education Studies

"Having ebooks especially for core books gives you the ability to learn at your own pace without having to worry about handing the book back into the library. It also means you can use it as a constant reference and look back on it at any point."

BA (Hons) Geography

"Everyone has access to the same textbooks, so they can be used as references when revising together."

BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Finance

"Financially it's very beneficial as there are such a large number of textbooks we could buy but it's not possible with the cost so this is a great resource and one that allows me to extend my reading. I am a mature student who travels quite far so it's almost like having an additional library resource. Very useful."

BSc (Hons) Pre-Registration Midwifery

Second year BSc (Hons) Robotics students Ijaas and Estilla share their thoughts and experiences on using eTextbooks while studying at the University of Plymouth.

Key facts 

  • The University of Plymouth provides over 80% of first-year undergraduates with their core reading in eTextbooks format. 
  • Students on average receive three titles up to the RRP value of £200, once downloaded these personal eTextbook copies belong to the student forever.
  • Plymouth runs one of the largest personal eTextbook schemes in the UK supported by the Kortext platform.
  • The initial driver for the service started in 2011 by Dr Phil Gee in the School of Psychology, was to alleviate the hidden costs of HE education for the new student. 
  • In 2017 we provided over 4000 first-year undergraduates with over 16,000 copies of their essential reading.

Our staff said...

“For students who are off campus having resources that they can access from home is very useful. The good thing about eBook is it is available to everyone either in campus or off campus.”

Marine Science and Environment lecturer

“We like the eBooks because our students are out in practice for so much a period of time, so that are not on campus all the time. So for them to have access to the books is essential.”

School of Nursing and Midwifery

“It's about sharing and being able to collaborate on a book”

Senior Tutor Miles Opie discusses how eTextbooks are embedded into his teaching at the University of Plymouth.

“Having their own copy they can look at anywhere, anytime, is well received.”

Associate Professor Dr Nick Outram shares his views on the accessibility benefits of using eTextbooks when teaching at the University of Plymouth.