Dr Zheng Zheng Hu

Dr Zheng Zheng Hu

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (Zonal CFD Project)

School of Engineering (Faculty of Science & Engineering)


Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering,University College London, UK


Research interests

Finite element method (3D) with potential single flow and finite volume method with viscous single flow (2D) and finite volume method with inviscid two-phase flow (3D)

Free surface with the surface tracking (3D) and capturing method (3D) method

Wave interaction with fixed/floating structures

The decomposition method using a coupled finite element and boundary element method

Mesh generation including tri-tree adaptive method, Delaunay grids, Cartesian cut cell method and hybrid overset meshing techniques

Free surface for simulating nonlinear wave interactions with fixed and floating structures under a regular, focus or extreme wave condition