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Dr Yi Wang

Lecturer in Knowledge Management & Business Decision Making

Plymouth Graduate School of Management & Plymouth Business School


2008.04: PhD, Manufacturing Engineering Centre, Cardiff University, Wales, UK. 

2002.06: Msc, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Department of production and quality management, Trondheim, Norway. 
1999.06: Visiting studentship, University of Washington, Seattle, US
2016. 01: Fellow of higher education, HEA, UK 
2014.10: Certificate of Kaledo/Modaris, Lectra LTD, Bradford, UK
2010. 08: PGCHE (Postgraduate certificate for higher education), Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK
 2009, 07: Certificate for Lean Management, Jaguar Landrover, Halewood, Liverpool

Professional membership

2005-2007: Organizer and co-chair, Iproms, Cardiff University

2005 –present: UK Chapter System Dynamics Society

2007- present: Academy of Marketing, UK

2008-present: East MidlandsExcellence Network, UK

2008-present: British Academy ofManagement

2008-present: European Network for Teaching, Research andInnovations

2008 –present: International TechnologyAlliance in Network and Information Science

2012- present: International textile association

Teaching interests

IUG3002 Global Enterprise (18/AU/M)

 STO202 Management Decision Making (18/SP/SB/M) 
STO101 Information for Business Decisions (18/SP/SD/M) 
STO701 Knowledge Management and Decision Making (18/SP/M) 
STO712 MBA Project (18/AY/PT/M) 
EPIE300 Placement Year (18/AY/AU/M) 
BSRM704 Qualitative method  (18/AU/M) 

Grants & contracts

2018-2020: Erasmus+– Jean Monnet, Economic Aspects of the Energy efficiency of EU countries, (59946,75 €)

2018-2020: Partnership with BMW mini, Big data analysis for internal logistics transparency, UK (£1,000)

2018: Bangladesh Government research fund: Big data in Eco-fashion management (£56,000)

2018: Arabic national institute of maritime research: Big data for Maritime Logistics Transparency (£50,000)

2017: Plymouth Eye tracking Research lab, Vision lab, (£3000)

2017: Erasmus /Socrates staff mobility Grant: Big data analysis in Maritime logistics (€ 3,000)2016: European cooperation inScience and technology, IntelligentRFID in supply chain management (€ 130K)

2016: Knowledge Transferpartnership with TobiiTechnology AB, UK (£100,000)

2015-2017: Erasmus key action1: ICT Game development forBecybersafe (€ 130,000)

2015: Knowledge Transferpartnership with Diamond-engineering,UK (£100,000)

2014:Erasmus /Socrates staff mobility Grant: Advanced RFID research in fashion logistics ( € 1,000)

2013: IndonesianNational fund for foreign education: Eco-fashion management (ca. £56,000, 1 PhD scholarship)

2013: MalaysianGovernment fund: Eco-fashionmanagement (ca. £56,000, 1 PhD scholarship)

2013: BrazilianNational Education Fund: Eco-fashionmanagement (ca. £56,000, 1 PhD scholarship)

2013: EPSRCDoctoral Training Fund: Theprediction of Consumer behaviour through data fusion (ca. £30,000, 1 Phd scholaship)

2013: Erasmus/Socrates staff mobility Grant: "Advanced RFID research in fashion logistics" (€ 1,000)

2012: Erasmus/Socrates staff mobility Grant, “Intelligentfashion supply chain”, (€ 3,000)

2012: Europeancooperation in Science and technology, Green Engineering Camp, “RFID Data Mining for forest supply ChainManagement” (€ 1,500)

2010-2011,JISC/Hefce, “Research managementand administration system”, (£1,0M)

2008- 2010: Erasmus /Socrates education Grant, “IntelligentSupply Chain management” (€ 5,000)

 2008 - 2010: EU Erasmus Life Long Learning programme“European Thematic Network Teaching, Research and Innovation in ComputingEducation /ETN TRICE” €2.0m)