Dr Yang Liu

Dr Yang Liu

Technical Specialist (Electron Microscopy)

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Technical Specialist on Electron Microscopy and a joint operator of new Zeiss Crossbeam 550 FIB-SEM, within the Plymouth Materials Characterisation Project supported by European Regional Development Fund. 


01.2017 - 12.2017    Post-doc fellow, Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University

Shell Research and Development funding for interfacial mineral physics research

09.2014 - 12.2016     Post-doc fellow, Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science, Utrecht University

Sustainability project: Future Energy & Resources, member of the 'Beta-Geo Task Force' for stimulation of interfaculty research

10.2009 - 07.2013      PhD in material science, INSA de Lyon, France                                                                               

10.2007 - 07.2009      Master in Advanced Materials for the Nanosciences and Energy, Aix-Marseille University                                                                                                             

09.2002 - 06.2006      Bachelor in Electronic and information engineering, Jiangnan University, China

Microscopes hands-on:

FIB-SEM            Zeiss Crossbeam 550          

                           FEI Helios NanoLab G3 UC

                           FEI Nova NanoLab 600

                           Zeiss NVision 40

TEM                   FEI Talos F200X     

                           FEI Tecnai 20F

                           Tecnai 12 and 10

SEM                   JEOL 7001 FE and 6610 LV

                           FEI XL30F (ESEM)

                           Zeiss Supra 55VP

                           JEOL and Phenom table-top

Raman                 WITec Alpha300 R

X-ray                    DLS synchrotron

Teaching interests

  • Introductions to Microscopy / Tomography
  • Advanced analytical technique in Electron Microscopy
  • Image processing
  • Sample preparation

Research interests

Application of:

  • (cryo) Electron Microscopy/Tomography (tilting and serial sectioning)
  • Correlative tomography (resolution from µm to Å)
  • In-situ/real-space microscopic representation
  • (In-situ) Raman confocal

in the fields of:

  • Material science (composites, nanoparticles, rock and minerals, ceramics, metal and alloys, etc.)
  • Structural geology (porous materials, permeability; connection from km to nm)
  • and others (biological materials)

Grants & contracts

01.2017 – 12.2017      Department of EarthSciences, Utrecht University
Shell Research and Development funding for interfacial mineral physics research

Key publications are highlighted

van der Hoeven JES, van der Wee EB, de Winter DAM, Hermes M, Liu Y, Fokkema J, Bransen M, van Huis MA, Gerritsen HC 2019 'Bridging the gap: 3D real-space characterization of colloidal assemblies via FIB-SEM tomography' Nanoscale 11, (12) 5304-5316 , DOI
Wang D, Hermes M, Kotni R, Wu Y, Tasios N, Liu Y, de Nijs B, van der Wee EB, Murray CB 2018 'Interplay between spherical confinement and particle shape on the self-assembly of rounded cubes' Nature Communications 9, (1) , DOI
Plümper O, Botan A, Los C, Liu Y, Malthe-Sørenssen A & Jamtveit B 2017 'Fluid-driven metamorphism of the continental crust governed by nanoscale fluid flow' Nature Geoscience 10, (9) 685-690 , DOI
Jishkariani D, Wu Y, Wang D, Liu Y, van Blaaderen A & Murray CB 2017 'Preparation and Self-Assembly of Dendronized Janus Fe3O4–Pt and Fe3O4–Au Heterodimers' ACS Nano 11, (8) 7958-7966 , DOI
Plümper O, King HE, Geisler T, Liu Y, Pabst S, Savov IP, Rost D & Zack T 2017 'Subduction zone forearc serpentinites as incubators for deep microbial life' Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114, (17) 4324-4329 , DOI
Houben ME, Hardebol NJ, Barnhoorn A, Boersma QD, Carone A, Liu Y, de Winter DAM, Peach CJ & Drury MR 2017 'Fluid flow from matrix to fractures in Early Jurassic shales' International Journal of Coal Geology 175, 26-39 , DOI
Austrheim H, Dunkel KG, Plümper O, Ildefonse B, Liu Y & Jamtveit B 2017 'Fragmentation of wall rock garnets during deep crustal earthquakes' Science Advances 3, (2) e1602067-e1602067 , DOI
Liu Y, King H, van Huis M, Drury M & Plümper O 2016 'Nano-Tomography of Porous Geological Materials Using Focused Ion Beam-Scanning Electron Microscopy' Minerals 6, (4) 104-104 , DOI
Yao ZF, Qiao JC, Liu Y, Pelletier JM & Yao Y 2016 'Aspect ratio effects on the serration dynamics of a Zr-based bulk metallic glass' Journal of Materials Science 52, (1) 138-144 , DOI
Qiao JC, Pelletier JM, Esnouf C, Liu Y & Kato H 2014 'Impact of the structural state on the mechanical properties in a Zr–Co–Al bulk metallic glass' Journal of Alloys and Compounds 607, 139-149 , DOI
Fiorido T, Galineau J, Salles V, Seveyrat L, Belhora F, Cottinet P-J, Hu L, Liu Y, Guiffard B 2014 'Bifunctional organic/inorganic nanocomposites for energy harvesting, actuation and magnetic sensing applications' Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 211, 105-114 , DOI
Destouches N, Crespo-Monteiro N, Vitrant G, Lefkir Y, Reynaud S, Epicier T, Liu Y, Vocanson F & Pigeon F 2014 'Self-organized growth of metallic nanoparticles in a thin film under homogeneous and continuous-wave light excitation' J. Mater. Chem. C 2, (31) 6256-6263 , DOI
Other Publications
Liu Y 0 FIB-SEM Tomography of Porous Geological Materials, A State-of-the-Art3D Characterization Technique. 0 0

Other academic activities

Teaching Experience

01.2017 - 10.2017       Co-supervisor of MSc. graduate student (Simone Pujatti)

01.2015 - 01.2017       TA of electron microscopy courses for graduate and undergraduate students         

10.2012 - 06.2013       ATER assignment of physics for undergraduates                                          

10.2009 - 01.2012       TA of physics during PhD for undergraduates

Workshops and trainings

  • Avizo 3D Software Workshop. November 30, 2016, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • The 5th Stanisław Gorczyca European School on ElectronMicroscopy and Electron Tomography. July 5-8, 2016, Kraków, Poland
  • The 5th Workshop on the testing of low permeability materials.March 10-11, 2016, Mol, Belgium
  • NWO Physics@Veldhoven 2016, January 19-20, 2016, Veldhoven, TheNetherlands
  • Avizo advanced training course of Digital Rock Analysis. April 14-16,2015, Bordeaux, France
  • SCM 15th Anniversary Symposium. December 18-19, 2014, Utrecht,The Netherlands