Dr Wondwossen Abate Woldie

Dr Wondwossen Abate Woldie

School of Biomedical Sciences (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)



B.Sc. Applied Biology/ Chemistry. Addis Ababa University. Ethiopia. 
M.Sc. (2001).  Biomedical Sciences. University of Wales. UK.
PhD. (2005). Molecular Immunology. University of Wales. UK.

Previous Positions.

2010-2015. Research Fellow. Centre for Biomedical Research. School of Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences. Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry. Plymouth University

2007-2010. Research Fellow.  Centre for Research in Biomedicine. Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. University of the West of England. 

2006-2007. Post doctoral Research Associate.   Centre for Research in Biomedicine. Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. University of the West of England. 

2005- 2006. Post Doctoral Research Assistant. Department of Medical Microbiology. University of Wales School of Medicine.

Teaching interests

I teach on the following modules:

·         BHCS1002 Human Anatomy and Physiology: Cells to Systems , 

·         BHCS1005 Human Disease ,

·         BHCS2002 Evidence-Based Practice in Biomedical Science ,

·         BHCS2019 Methods in Human Biosciences ,

·         BHCS2022 Nutritional Science 1 , 

·         DIET211 Diet, Metabolism and Health , 

·         BHCS3004 Specialist Biochemistry and Screening , 

·         BHCS3011 Clinical Immunology and Biochemical Screening ,

·         BHCS5005 Project Design and Development , and

·         BHCS5012 Clinical Biochemistry , 

Selected publications:

1.    Abate W andJackson SK (2015). Lysophosphatidylcholine Acyltransferase (LPCAT)- 2 Co-localises withTLR4 and Regulates Macrophage Inflammatory Gene expression in Response to LPS.FASEB 22(1):888




3.    Rawson FJ, HicksJ, Dodd N, Abate W, Garrett DJ, Yip N, Fejer G, Downard AJ, Baronian KHR &Jackson SK 2015.  'Fast, Ultrasensitive Detection of Reactive Oxygen Species Using aCarbon Nanotube Based-Electrocatalytic Intracellular Sensor' ACS APPLIEDMATERIALS & INTERFACES 7, (42) 23527-23537


4.    Alrammah H, Abate, W., Avent, N.,Jackson, S. K. (2015) Overexpression of lysophosphatidylcholine acyltransferase 2 (LPCAT2)up-regulated LPS-induced responses in a murine macrophage cell line. Immunology, 143.

5.    Sattar A, Bradley G, Abate W, Fejer G, Jackson SK (2015)Evaluation of health effects of contaminated marine bathing water using invitro cell culture models. Journal of Environmental Immunologyand Toxicology (in press)


6.    Habil N, Abate W,Beal J and Foey AD. Heat-killed probiotic bacteria differentially regulate colonicepithelial cell production of human β-defensin-2: dependence on inflammatorycytokines. Beneficial Microbes, 2014; 5(4): 483-495.


7.    Rihan HZ, Al-Issawi M., Al Shamari M., Abate W.,. Kiernan M, FullerM P. The effect of molybdenum on the molecular control of cold tolerance incauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis) artificial seeds. PlantCell Tiss Organ Cult 2014; 118:215-228.


8.    Al-IssawiM., Rihan HZ, Abate W., Burchett S., Fuller MP. Exogenous application of molybdenum affects the expression of CBF14 and thedevelopment of frost tolerance in wheat. Plant Physiol Biochem 2013 Feb24;63:77-81.



9.    Liu J., Louise P.; Deacon L.;  AbateW., Hayes E.; Drew G.; Longhurst P.; Pollard S.; Longhurst J.; Tyrrel,S.and Jackson S.K. (2011).  Evaluation of inflammatory effectsof airborne endotoxin emitted from composting sources. Environ Toxicol Chem 30(3):602-606.


10. Liu J., Abate W.,Xu J., Corry D., Kaul B. and Jackson SK. (2010). Three-dimensional spheroid cultures of A549 and HepG2 cells exhibitdifferent lipopolysaccharide (LPS) receptor expression and LPS-induced cytokineresponse compared with monolayer cultures. InnateImmun 17(3):245-255.


11. Abate W., Alghaithy AA, PartonJ., Jones KP, Jackson SK (2010). Surfactantlipids regulate LPS-induced interleukin-8 production in A549 lung epithelialcells by inhibiting translocation of TLR4 into lipid raft domains. J Lipid Res 51(2): 334-44.


12. Jackson SK, AbateW, Parton J, Jones S. and Harwood JL (2008) Lysophospholipid metabolism facilitatesToll-like receptor 4 membrane translocation to regulate the inflammatoryresponse. J Leukoc Biol, 84(1):86-92.



13. S.K. Jackson, W. Abate and A.J. Tonks (2008) Lysophospholipid acyltransferases: Novel potential regulators of theinflammatory response and target for new drug discovery. Pharmacol. and Ther,119(1):104-14.