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Mr Waleed Aziz


PhD Researcher


MSc in Differential Equations
Mathematics Department
College of Science
University of Salahaddin-Hawler
Kurdistan Region-Iraq

Professional membership

London Mathematical Society

Teaching interests

Differential Equations
Partial Differential Equations
Linear Algebra
Computer Programm Languages

Research interests

Darboux Theory of Integrability
Monodromy Argument
Liouvillian Integrability
Algebraic Computational

1) W. H. Aziz and A. I. Amen. Multiplicity of Periodic Solutions by Word Problems, J. Zanco. Pure & Applied Scince, Salahaddin University, V 16, No.1 (2004),73-82. 2) Azad I.Amen, Rizgar H. Salih and Waleed H. Aziz. Hopf Bifurcation Analysis for Stability Nontrivial Critical Points of the Rössler's Second System. J. of Koya University, 12 (2009). 3) Waleed Aziz and Colin Christopher. Local Integrability and Linearizability of Three-dimensional Lotka-Volterra Systems. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation. Volume 219, Issue 8, 2012, 4067–4081. 4) Waleed Aziz. Integrability and Linearizability of Three Dimensional Vector Fields. Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems, Volume 13, Issue 2, 2014, 197-213. 5) Waleed Aziz, Jaume Llibre and Chara Pantazi. Centers of quasi-homogeneous polynomial differential equations of degree three. Advances in Mathematics, Volume 254, 2014, 233–250. 6) Waleed Aziz and Colin Christopher. On the integrability of some three-dimensional Lotka-Volterra equations with rank-1 resonances. Publicacions Matemàtiques. Volume EXTRA (2014), 37-48.

Other academic activities

I did a corraboration with Jaume Llibre and Chara Pantazi in Barcelon-Spain. I was there from 20/04/2012 to 15/06/2012.