Dr Victor Ladron de Guevara

Dr Victor Ladron de Guevara

Lecturer in Theatre & Performance

School of Humanities and Performing Arts (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

Associate Head (T&L): School of Humanities and Performing Arts; MA/MFA Performance Training: Programme Leader; Teaching and supervision: BA (Hons) Theatre & Performance, BA (Hons) Acting and MA/MFA Performance Training; Project supervision: ResM Theatre & Performance; Postgraduate Research Supervision: currently 3 MPhil/PhD candidates; Responsible for all inbound and outbound exchange students; Currently involved in curriculum development for the BA (Hons) Theatre & Performance programme.


PhD (London), MA (London/Surrey), BA (Mexico)

Teaching interests

Intercultural theatre; Physical Theatre; Performance Research

Research interests

Interrelation of Theory and Practice, The Use and Understanding of the Body in Performance, Interculturalism, Latin American/Hispanic Theatre, Devising, Acting Training, Contemporary Performance, and Critical Theories.

Other research

I have 16 years experience as a performer and director working in México, Chile, and England. I also have trained in a range of diverse disciplines embracing aspects of Eastern as well as Western theatre praxis (including diverse acting styles, improvisation, martial arts, movement and body awareness).

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Matthews J & De Guevara VL 2019 'Auditions and … more auditions' Stanislavski Studies 7, (2) 145-158 , DOI Open access
Ladron de Guevara VM & Matthews J 2018 'Auditions and..' Stanislavski Studies , DOI Open access
Matthews J & Ladron de Guevara V 2017 'Auditions and stress' Stanislavski Studies 5, (2) 217-231 , DOI Open access
Ramirez Ladron de Guevara V 2014 '‘Once upon a time, Santos was reading about the Sahuayo zombies when…’: performances of (post)modernity and nationalism by Mexican zombies' Studies in Theatre and Performance 34, (3) 211-218 , DOI Open access
Ramirez Ladron De Guevara VM 2011 'Performing Beckett as an Intercultural Actor' Performance Research 12, (1) 110-119 Author Site , DOI
Ramirez Ladron de Guevara VM 2011 'Any body? The Multiple Bodies of the Performer' in Pitches J; Popat S Performance Perspectives: A Critical Introduction London Palgrave MacMillan 21-33 Author Site Publisher Site
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