Dr Victor Ladron de Guevara

Dr Victor Ladron de Guevara

Lecturer in Theatre & Performance

School of Humanities and Performing Arts (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)


Associate Head (T&L): School of Humanities and Performing Arts; MA/MFA Performance Training: Programme Leader; Teaching and supervision: BA (Hons) Theatre & Performance, BA (Hons) Acting and MA/MFA Performance Training; Project supervision: ResM Theatre & Performance; Postgraduate Research Supervision: currently 3 MPhil/PhD candidates; Responsible for all inbound and outbound exchange students; Currently involved in curriculum development for the BA (Hons) Theatre & Performance programme.


PhD (London), MA (London/Surrey), BA (Mexico)

Teaching interests

Intercultural theatre; Physical Theatre; Performance Research

Research interests

Interrelation of Theory and Practice, The Use and Understanding of the Body in Performance, Interculturalism, Latin American/Hispanic Theatre, Devising, Acting Training, Contemporary Performance, and Critical Theories.

Other research

I have 16 years experience as a performer and director working in México, Chile, and England. I also have trained in a range of diverse disciplines embracing aspects of Eastern as well as Western theatre praxis (including diverse acting styles, improvisation, martial arts, movement and body awareness).

Key publications are highlighted

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Ramirez Ladron de Guevara V 2014 '‘Once upon a time, Santos was reading about the Sahuayo zombies when…’: performances of (post)modernity and nationalism by Mexican zombies' Studies in Theatre and Performance 34, (3) 211-218 , DOI PEARL
Ramirez Ladron De Guevara VM 2011 'Performing Beckett as an Intercultural Actor' Performance Research 12, (1) 110-119 Author Site , DOI
Ramirez Ladron de Guevara VM 2011 'Any body? The Multiple Bodies of the Performer' in Pitches J; Popat S Performance Perspectives: A Critical Introduction London Palgrave MacMillan 21-33 Author Site Publisher Site
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