Dr Vashti Berry

Dr Vashti Berry

Honorary University Fellow

Faculty of Health



I joined the NIHR CLAHRC South West Peninsula (PenCLAHRC) in March 2014 as a Senior Research Fellow to undertake and lead research in the area of complex intervention design/development and evaluation. My research is particularly focused on the promotion of children's mental health and family functioning, although my remit within PenCLAHRC also extends to physical health conditions.


PhD Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath
MSc Psychology (cum laude), University of Natal, South Africa
BA (Hons) (cum laude) Psychology, University of Natal, South Africa



Research interests

I have worked for the past 12 years in children's services research, working with organisations to design and develop services as well as evaluate their impact. My research has focused on interventions delivered in different contexts (home, school and community) that have the potential to prevent or reduce mental health and behavioural difficulties in children and young people, for example parenting interventions and school-based social emotional learning. In addition, I am interested in the factors that facilitate the use and sustainability of these interventions in mainstream services and systems. My work has largely been carried out with universal children's services, education, social care and youth justice, and the move to Plymouth signifies an opportunity to work more closely with health services.



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Rotheray S, Racey D, Rodgers LR, McGilloway S, Berry VL & Ford T (2014) 'Further Evidence on the Effectiveness of the Strengths and Difficulties Added Value Score as an Outcome Measure for Child and Adolescent Services' Child and Adolescent Mental Health 19, (4) 270-273
Little M, Berry VL, Morpeth L, Blower S, Axford N, Taylor R, Bywater T, Lehtonen M & Tobin K (2012) 'The impact of three evidence-based programmes delivered in public systems in Birmingham, UK' International Journal of Conflict and Violence 6, (2) 260-272
Axford N, Morpeth L, Little M & Berry VL (2008) 'Linking prevention science and community engagement: a case study of the Ireland Disadvantaged Children and Youth Programme' Journal of Children’s Services 3, (2) 40-54
Berry VL, Little M, Axford N & Cusick GR (2008) 'An evaluation of Youth at Risk's Coaching for Communities programme' The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice 48, (1) 60-75
Berry VL, Axford N & Little M (2006) 'Enhancing service evaluability: lessons from a programme for disaffected young people' Children & Society 20, (4) 287-298
Axford N, Berry VL, Blower S, Hobbs T, Little M & Sodha S (2013) Design & Refine: Developing effective interventions for children and young people. Dartington The Social Research Unit at Dartington Publisher Site
Axford N; Berry V; Little M; Morpeth L (2005) Forty years of research, policy and practice in children's services. Wiley
Axford N, Berry V, Little M, Morpeth L & Madge G (2005) 'Messages for Research, Policy and Practice in Children's Services' in Axford N; Berry V; Little M; Morpeth L Forty Years of Research, Policy and Practice in Children's Services: a festschrift for Roger Bullock, Wiley, Chichester


Other academic activities

In addition to my core research role, I also provide consultancy to external organisations on evaluation design and clinical trials.