Dr Tomas Cornwell

Dr Tomas Cornwell

Teaching & Research Associate (TARA) (Marine Biology)

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



I have a keen interest in phenotypic variation and in exploring how organisms respond to environmental change. My research to date has focused on behavioural plasticity across environmental gradients and the ecological and evolutionary consequences of individual behavioural variation. 


PhD (phenotypic variation in saltmarsh gastropods) 2020 - Bangor University

FHEA 2016 - Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy

MSc (Animal behaviour) 2014 - Manchester Metropolitan University

PG Cert (Teaching in Higher Education) 2012 - Manchester Metropolitan University

BSc (Ecology) 2005 - University of East Anglia 




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Cornwell, T.O., McCarthy, I.D., Snyder, C.R.A. and Biro, P.A., 2019. The influence of environmental gradients on individual behaviour: Individual plasticity is consistent across risk and temperature gradients. Journal of Animal Ecology, 88(4), pp. 511-520.

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