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Dr Thomas Mindos

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry

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BSc in Molecular Cellular Biology (University of Essex)

MSc in Molecular Pathology & Toxicology (University of Leicester)
PhD in Molecular Neuroscience (University of Bristol)

Research interests

Merlin acts as a tumour suppresor and hence is involved in a lot of cancers, primarily though in Schwannomas in type 2 neurofibromatosis. I am currently investigating the role of Merlin (NF2) in Schwann cell biology and peripheral nerve injury in mice. I research the co-operation of injury signals and loss of Merlin in the development of a proliferation-permissive environment that might lead to the formation of Schwannoma tumours.   

Other research

I have investigated the molecular mechanisms that lead to prostate cancer progression and the contribution of CCN1 (Cyr61) matricellular protein during this progression to the highly aggressive, metastatic and androgen-independent stage.

Research groups