Dr Theresa Martin

Dr Theresa Martin

Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences (Education)

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)


I have been a lecturer in biomedical science at Peninsula for four years now. Whilst the majority of my role consists of teaching anatomy physiology and pathology in the life sciences resource centre, I have a number of other roles in the school. 
Background :
A medically qualified doctor, I left the profession after going through burnout as a trainee in obstetrics and gynaecology. This has informed a lot of my work in the medical school supporting students personal development and wellbeing. I am a pastoral tutor which means I am here to listen if students are having any problems during the course of their studies and direct them to the appropriate advice and help. I am the lead for pastoral care for the medical school, so in charge of recruitment, support and training of the pastoral tutors. Over the last four years I have done a lot of work on wellbeing of medical professionals and as a consequence I often provide advice  to academic tutors and even healthcare professionals. I attained the CRA SEDA Award in personal tutoring and academic advisement this year as a result of this work. 

Teaching philosophy
I struggled a lot as a student and as a result failed many exams, when I enjoyed learning, when I was doing an activity, game, or meeting patients I remembered a lot more than things that were taught in lectures. As a consequence I am a keen proponent of games based learning, and have a deep understanding of what can make learning difficult. I develop my teaching session to be interactive, enjoyable, memorable and most of all fun. 

Other roles
This year I have taken on the lead for induction, and look forward ot welcoming our new students in September. I have also undergone review of the induction curriculum and have planned developments to make in the next few years as part of this role. 

 I am a PBL tutor to a year 1 group. Problem based learning around a patient case is how I learned as a medical student and I found it extremely effective. I like the way the students can use this approach to construct their own learning and can tackle complex problems as a group.

 I have a special interest in the use of technology in teaching and technology enhanced learning as I  have previously worked on developing resources. I like creating multimedia interactive resources such a podcasts , reusable learning objects and most recently moodle lessons. 
I am one of the case unit block leads for the atherogenesis and ischaemia case units in year two, so any queries regarding these case units can be directed to me.

My year 2 SSU is on the application of medical sciences in obstetrics and gynaecology. 

In terms of research and innovation, areas that I am interested in include student support, student engagement and small group teaching. 


MBBS Medicine, BSc Psychology (Hons)


Professional membership

GMC registration, Associate member of ALT, Member of Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)

Teaching interests

Group work, Facilitation of learning, learning theories, threshold concepts and integration.

Creative practice & artistic projects

A great deal of the work I have previously done on resources has a creative and design element. In order to make resources accessible, useful and desirable the elements of a pedagogic design need to be there. I strongly believe when using a technological resource like a device or app is intuitive, thats when the design is right. I like resources that incorporate all modalities of learning, and include graphics, audio, video etc.
I also enjoy using creativity in my teaching, having previously used role play, drawing or poetry to increase engagement, add fun or tap into emotional processes in learning.

I started contemporary dance a year ago, and the effect on my wellbeing, concentration, and productivity has been astounding. It has enhanced my reflective practice and I continue to enjoy it immensely. I attend sessions on contemporary technique, improvisation, ceroc and any dance projects I can carry out in my spare time. This year I was lucky enough to perform at Sterts open air theatre as part of the Cornwall Dance Collective, at the Bodmin Poetry Festival. Dance for me is the perfect partner to academic life, for destressing, for reflecting and enabling me to meet people from other disciplines. 

I have previously worked as a medical writer, and have written several patient information leaflets for US and UK audiences on topics such as Osteoporosis, childhood illnesses and dietary fats. I have a publication from my BSc on neurofeedback and its role in enhancing cognitive variables such as working memory. The full text of this is available here.This year I have a book chapter on reproductive hormones, currently awaiting publication, and some of my work on wellbeing has contributed to a symposium report from the Centre for Resilience at the University of Westminster.